Brief Introduction About Assist Gas Of Laser Cutting Machine

Brief Introduction About Assist Gas Of Laser Cutting Machine

When cut different metal materials, laser cutter needs different assist gas. And for different thickness of metals, it needs different air pressure and gas flow. That means to choose right assist gas and gas pressure are directly effect result of laser cutting.

The assist gas can not only blow away the slag on metal material in time, but also cool the it and clean the lens.

The main types of assist gases that Meisar CNC using are oxygen, air and nitrogen.

1. compressed air

Air is suitable for cutting aluminum, non-metallic and galvanized steel plates. To some extent, it can reduce oxide film and save cost. It is generally used when cutting plate is not thick, and the requirement for cutting end face is not too high. It is used in some products such as sheet metal case, cabinet, and so on.

3. oxygen

Oxygen mainly plays a role of combustion support, it can increase the speed of cutting and the thickness of cutting. Oxygen is suitable for thick metal cutting, high speed cutting and extremely thin metal cutting. For example, such as some thicker carbon steel plates, oxygen can be used. When cutting metals of different materials and thickness, choosing the suitable gas can help to shorten the cutting time and improve the cutting effect.

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