Wavelings: A Multiplayer Sci-Fi RPG launches Kickstarter Campaign

Now Seeking Community Support via Kickstarter, This Massive Multiplayer Roleplaying Gaming in the Science Fiction Genre!

Wavelings is an all-new massive multiplayer role playing game in the sci-fi genre, and it is emerging as a one of a kind third-person science fiction video game. The game is set in an alternate reality, where rapid technologic adoption has cured issues such as climate change, energy deficiency, food scarcity, and biological disease, etc. To introduce this video game project to the world, the creators of Wavelings have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and they are welcoming generous support and backing.

“This socially evolved game aims to be inclusive of all people, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, and disabilities.” Said Marcus Munro, the creator of Wavelings, while introducing this project to the Kickstarter community. According to the Canadian game developer, each player character will be a cybernetically-enhanced creature, and will be able use jetpacks, nano-tech healing kits, hoverboards, stress-indexes, and many other high-tech features. 

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at:

www.kickstarter.com/projects/wavelings/wavelings-in-another-reality-to-be-whole-is-everything and backers from around the world can become a part of this project by making generous pledges and donations. Moreover, the goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to raise a sum of CA$ 74,900 and the game developer is offering a wide range of perks and rewards for the backers. Furthermore, more details are available on the Kickstarter campaign page of the project.

About This Project

Wavelings is a futuristic sci-fi RPG video game for the next generation of multiplayer role playing gamers from around the world. The game takes innovation and technology along with futuristic thinking to the next level and its creator, a multi-talented Canadian video game developer Marcus Munro is currently raising funds and support on Kickstarter.

Media Contact
Company Name: Wavelings
Contact Person: Marcus Munro
Email: Send Email
Phone: (403) 470 5316
City: Calgary
State: Alberta
Country: Canada
Website: www.wavelings.com