M&S Schmalberg May Have The Biggest Flower Garden In New York City… And Custom Made To Order

The pandemic has changed many things in New York City, but one thing that has been a constant for the past 104 years is that M&S Schmalberg still maintains its beautiful showroom of one-of-a-kind custom flowers. In fact, it may be the city’s most extensive and variety-filled showcase of flowers throughout all the boroughs, too. 

Better still, customers don’t need to water these flowers. Instead, M&S Schmalberg produces custom-made flowers out of the country’s finest fabrics and are hand pressed by tools that havn’t been in production for decades. The result… a best-in-class assortment of custom-designed, colored, and constructed flowers in the world. 

Moreover, whether you realize it or not, these custom flowers have been featured on almost every top designer’s collection. A visit to the shop provided an experience to remember and showed a level of quality from 100% hand-crafted, individualized production that most thought was lost decades ago.

For those in the apparel industry, M&S Schmalberg is no stranger. Since 1916, this 4th generation, family-owned company has produced the finest artificial flowers that complement apparel, wedding, accessory, millinery, and home furnishing industries. Better still, M&S Schmalberg’s custom fabric flowers are still hand-made in New York City, where they remain at the heart of world fashion.

Open To Retail Flower Lovers

The great news is that not just top designers have access. M&S Schmalberg has opened a retail-friendly showroom where clients can consult with an expert to design, color, and have produced one-of-a-kind flowers for their own special occasions. That means that for a wedding, a quinceanera, a bar mitzvah, or even to design a gallery, this one-of-a-kind company can produce a unique design for every customer.

Moreover, unlike Amazon (AMZN) and other online sources that typically act as the middle-man for already created products, MS. Schmalberg is accessible during each step of production. That means no surprises. You get a sample, you touch it, approve it, and feel confident that what you ordered is what you’ll get. Better yet, customers can bring in their own material to have custom flowers made to match exactly with a party’s wardrobe. Try doing that in an online order.

Notably, others have found this gem of a business. The company has been featured in The NY Times, Women’s Wear Daily, Wall Street Journal, Vogue, and on the runway worldwide. And incredibly, they are using the same vintage manufacturing process since 1916 to provide exquisite quality and a level of artisanal customization that cannot be matched. 

In fact, some of its vintage flower molds date back to the turn of the century and assist in creating styles that can be fabricated in any material. If you require a unique design on your own fabric where you maintain absolute confidence in the quality, simply bring M&S Schmalberg natural silks, synthetic polyester, genuine leather and suede, cotton, velvet, felt, velour, and even exotic snake and alligator skins. Then, consult with your flower-fabricating professional and create to your heart’s content. 

Don’t worry about order size, either. As a garment district factory, they can produce large production orders of bulk artificial flowers and special one-of-a-kind couture pieces. The great news is that Hand-made in America still exists. And it’s closer than you think.

A Budding 2021

Thousands of customers understand the quality difference, and thousands of new clients will learn this year. The M&S Schmalberg artificial flower factory is located in the New York City Garment Center. Visitors are welcomed, and they offer factory tours upon request. A vacation destination? Maybe not. But, when in NYC, for those wanting to see how America thrived 100 years ago, and still does at M&S Schmalberg, visit the shop. Free flowers for the kids, too.

Undoubtedly, first-time guests will be are dazzled by the stunning display of artificial flowers, and fabric flowers of all styles are available for immediate purchase. There’s a reason why M&S Schmalberg is the last business standing in what was once a competitive artificial flower industry. Because as fashion moves forward, Schmalberg moves along with it. 

Visit this shop when you can… likely, you won’t have the same opportunity to see these tools of the trade in action anywhere else in the world.

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