Shawn Fair Welcomes a Bigger Audience With Disability Empowerment Coach Latrea Kenney

Shawn Fair Welcomes a Bigger Audience With Disability Empowerment Coach Latrea Kenney

After years of dominating the coaching industry and positively changing lives across borders, Shawn Fair has found another gem to represent and empower a significant section of his audience. This year, Shawn brings in the sought-after disability empowerment coach Latrea Kenney – launching brand new and exciting ties for the powerhouse speakers.

A member of the Forbes Coaching Council, Shawn Fair is one of the most influential and coveted consultants for major corporations in the United States, Canada, and Europe. His impact stretches to over 300,000 industry leaders worldwide and is marked by Shawn’s genuine coaching and training service. 

Sitting at the top of the industry, he leads by example and continuously improves his work, growing with his audience and introducing an unequaled roster of talented speakers. As the Fair Consulting Group CEO and the founder of the Leadership Experience Tour program, Shawn welcomes a new member with fresh, unlimited potential – Latrea Kenney.

At only 42 years old, Latrea is a Disabilities Empowerment coach, a motivational speaker, and a published author. Born with Pfeiffer Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that hinders the bones in the skull and other body parts from fusing properly, Latrea Kenney did not have it easy.

Vision and hearing impairments blocked her path and having family issues with drug-addicted parents did not do her any favors. When she was twelve years old, she and her sister, aged four, entered the foster care system, where they stayed until four years later when the girls would be adopted.

Fresh out of an abusive experience and playing mother to her younger sister, Latrea Kenney managed to defy the odds. Despite expectations set against her, she earned a BA in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Education. Telling her story of struggle and countless hospital visits, Latrea discovered a voice within her that echoed to the thousands who became her audience.

She went on and became a Professional Certified Life Coach and a certified Disabilities Ministries Leader. While motivating numerous individuals to jump past hurdles and strive towards goals and dreams, Latrea Kenney put pen to paper. In 2017 her book “Intimate Conversations with God” was featured at the annual National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) convention.

However, her impact flows past the pages, and Latrea constantly travels, speaking at various disability organizations, and hosts a talk show called “Dreaming Beyond your Disability” on her radio station. 

Since its start, the show has been lauded as an avenue to openly discuss the corrupted reality faced by her community, such as sexual and physical abuse, trauma, and harassment, among other things. Latrea hopes to invite strength, optimism, awareness, and positive change in her reach by opening the doors to such topics.

“As a person with a disability, I have fought very hard to get to where I am; because of my disability, I have had so many limits placed on me and my life. I have been told what I could not and what I would not be able to do,” she passionately shares.

“I want to show other people with disabilities they can do it too. They don’t have to just accept whatever society tosses at them; they can have the life they want and deserve.”

Absorbing Latrea’s drive into his program and clasping hands with her on her cause and advocacy, Shawn Fair expands his audience and adopts another mission. Together with Latrea Kenney, they will shape the field and level it, destroying the stigma against and instilling hope within the disabled community.

Learn more about Latrea Kenney and her exciting welcome to Shawn Fair’s team of influential speakers by visiting her online channel or the Fair Consulting Group’s official website.

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