Shawn Fair Discovers Another Speaker in Lee Mariano through Leadership Experience Tour

Shawn Fair Discovers Another Speaker in Lee Mariano through Leadership Experience Tour

As a member of the Forbes Coaching Council, Shawn Fair, the founder and the CEO of Shawn Fair Consulting and Leadership Experience Tour, never ceases to dazzle as one of the world’s most sought-after public speakers, motivational speaker and life coach. Over the years of his practice, Shawn has developed a technique that helps potential leaders identify their blind spots. He is also one of the most sought-after and coveted consultants for major corporations in the United States, Canada, and Europe. 

Through the Leadership Experience Tour program, Shawn, an exclusive club for speakers, creates a platform for aspiring speakers to thrive and take charge. The program has appeared in multiple publications, including ABC, NBC, and Fox News.

More than 300,000 leaders have passed through Shawn’s tutelage both in the United States and abroad. And thanks to his first-hand and years of experience in the corporate world, he has grown into an efficient trainer for companies and individuals. Delivering world-class and award-winning presentations that have helped companies improve the work environment for their employees globally. One of the products of Shawn’s teaching is Lee Mariano. 

Lee Mariano is an author, speaker, business guru, and CEO and founder of Alexidom Coaching; a multifaceted coaching specialty centered around helping clients to increase their self-confidence, reclaim their power, and rediscover their identity so that they can successfully achieve their goals; and attain the life they desire most.

Lee uses her experiences as a domestic violence survivor to influence women to reinvent themselves, speak their truth, and start all over again. Her intentions are clear; she wants women to stop hiding behind the labels that others have placed on them and to remain resolved to their purpose and the possibility of creating their future.

Away from motivating and helping to empower women through Alexidom Coaching, Lee is a beloved member of her chosen community, a cherished mother, and friend.

For Lee, her life experience continues to drive her, especially through the journey to becoming the woman she is today. She firmly believes, having hit rock bottom and finding the strength to climb out and become a new person, makes it easier for her to relate to her clients. Especially those who are still on their journey. She is also the right person to help women looking to rise from the ashes and transform their lives, because she too has personally experienced how detrimental loss of confidence can be. 

When asked about her motivation, she recalls that having lived a life of success, she always knew that her life purpose was more significant than working for a large corporation and only serving that population. It became vital that she provide service and support to women, particularly women of color, who did not have access to coaches to help them change their lives and level up their careers. “Having a coach has typically been a corporate or executive luxury, but coaching is something that should be available to everyone who wants transformational change and is willing to put in the work. I started my business to provide greater access to coaching and support for women who never realized this was an option for them and didn’t realize the amazing impact a coach can have on their life,” she points out. 

According to Lee, her entire focus is on helping women get to where they want to be. And in five years, she hopes to continue serving and supporting more clients. “I anticipate having VIP Retreats where we come together and celebrate their success and the transformation they’ve had, as well as taking their transformation up a notch as Alexidom Coaching continues to support them,” she concludes. 

In a career spanning more than two decades, Lee has accomplished the goals she set for herself. She’s a US Marine Corps veteran, obtained a C-Suite Executive title, and became USA Today Bestselling Author. However, with all that she’s accomplished, she’s ready to help her clients achieve their own success.

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