Karen Patton, a Yogapreneur on the Rise Making Waves Through Peach Out Power Yoga

Karen Patton, a Yogapreneur on the Rise Making Waves Through Peach Out Power Yoga

Over recent decades, it has become more apparent that an aspirant’s age is not a hindrance when carving a path toward the summit of their target industry. The commercial space, in particular, no longer serves to be the battleground of only middle-aged experts as go-getters as young as those in high school may already establish themselves and stand out among a plethora of competitors. Karen Patton, an emerging name in the entrepreneurial realm, started a business in her 40s. Today, armed with a passion for yoga and a vision of a future of success, she sets an example for others to follow.

Originally hailing from the Windy City, Karen Patton moved west for college, graduating from the University of Arizona. Afterwards, she decided to follow her dream of living in Southern California. Over the years, she has amassed numerous accomplishments under her belt and reached multiple milestones, and perhaps was also thrown a few unexpected curve balls. “In 25 years, I was able to climb the corporate ladder quickly, get married, then reluctantly give up my career to be a stay at home mom of two girls, which I don’t regret. I volunteered at school, dedicated ten years to be “mom”, and then was blindsided with a divorce that left me with a resume that was no longer impressive. Now it was time to follow MY passions professionally and find a way to support myself in the long term.” shares the self-starter.

Karen Patton knew that she was meant to follow a leader’s path from the get-go, but was she too old. She had practiced yoga for twelve years, both in LA and then in Georgia, when she relocated there in 2012. Since her kids were a bit older and her weekends were less busy, she decided to go for it when a training program was announced in 2017. She admits she struggled through the training itself and thought about dropping out multiple times because it wasn’t what she expected. Aside from being unorganized and somewhat unprofessional from where she sat, she did what most leaders do. Instead of listening and learning, she spent most of the time imagining all the ways she could do it better. This triggered the thought of opening her own studio. After graduating from the training in March of 2018, she already had the list of instructors she wanted to hire, the location she wanted, and a vision of her studio. She set the ball in motion, signed a lease three months later, and had her staff on board shortly after. Karen opened the studio doors to Peach Out Power Yoga with the help of staff and many friends, on August 25th 2018, to a parking lot FULL of people and a weekend line up of sold-out classes. A successful studio was born.

At Peach Out Power Yoga, Karen Patton stands at the helm of a team composed of thirteen highly dedicated and experienced teachers with a variety of styles. Although the industry may have initially raised eyebrows and wondered where this studio owner came from, Peach Out, and Karen Patton, have managed to win over industry peers and become a highly respected studio known for their unique offerings, risk-taking, and willingness to step outside the yoga box. That’s not to say that this is the way every studio should roll, but this the niche Peach Out has created, and they know who they are and what they stand for. Karen has also managed to create a brand in a short amount of time, something that takes even large companies many years to establish. You would be hard-pressed to go anywhere in East Cobb and not see someone in a Peach Out tee, baseball cap, beanie or sweatshirt, or see a Peach Out magnet on the car in front of you. Karen’s background in the apparel industry helped her execute a healthy private label business, and she has a small boutique in front of her studio that generates a great deal of business. She is a genius marketer and understands the importance of brand awareness. Even at the local high school, Alan C Pope in Marietta, Georgia, where Karen’s daughters attend, the Varsity Cheerleaders and State Champion Varsity Baseball Team all carry water bottles with Peach Out Power Yoga logos during their games and on the field that Karen donated. Small business take note: this gal knows what she is doing.

As a yoga teacher, Karen Patton is known for breaking all the yoga rules and introducing an unorthodox approach to her classes. “I surprise my class with some fun icebreakers,” adds the owner behind Peach Out Power Yoga. And it seems to be working because her notoriety continues to rise. During the pandemic, where countless measures were implemented in order to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus, she and her team offered socially distanced outdoor yoga classes in the studio’s parking lot, providing a space where yogis can still exercise safely. “We rocked everything, from the Macarena, cha cha slide, to the Boot Scootin Boogie, as cars driving by honked at the scene of 50 yogis shaking it while wearing masks,” she expounds, detailing the fun they made sure to deliver to people who are burdened by the impact of the pandemic. She captured attention from various local magazines and news channels for her outdoor classes, her ability to pivot, her inspiring ideas, and for her decisions to hold off on re-opening her studio too soon to protect her clients. You can find these interviews and articles on Fox News with Jillian Mele on Fox and Friends, Inc.Magazine with Reporter Cameron Albert-Deitch, Emmy Award-Winning Host, Journalist and Producer Tran Bui Smith on Roswell Snobs, 2020 April Issue and Cover of Best Self Atlanta Magazine.

As for her future plans, Karen Patton plans to bring more smiles to people’s faces, and enable individuals to continue to practice safely and happily at Peach Out Power Yoga. She will still be presented with many challenges as a result of Covid restrictions for fitness studios, and group classes don’t show any signs of easing up, even as vaccinations are on the rise. Ideally, expanding into a larger space would be a goal, but that opportunity has yet to present itself. As she continues to make waves in the industry as a trusted yoga teacher, she also aims to inspire others with dreams of achieving success in the business world.

Learn more about Karen Patton by visiting her Facebook and Instagram page. More information about Peach Out Power Yoga can also be found on their website.

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