MIKA – Protective Travel Wear For The New Normal

Self-sanitising, reusable, and water resistant. Powered by HeiQ V-Block and comes with clip-on Face Shield & waterproof Travel Pouch.

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KICKSTARTER PAGE (launching 16th Mar 2021): https://bit.ly/MIKA-protectivewear  

On the 12th March 2021, Fashion entrepreneur couple Melinda Looi and Dirk Luebbert launched the MIKA on Kickstarter. MIKA is a reusable and self-sanitizing Protective Travel Wear powered by HeiQ V-Block, which is an intelligent Swiss textile technology that is added to the fabric during the final stage of the textile manufacturing process. MIKA shields your body from the airborne particles and microorganisms that float in the air. MIKA is also stylish, compact and comfortable – making you ready to face the New Normal.

Use it, throw it in the wash and re-use it again…and again.

Quick Facts:

– Self Sanitizing

– Washable / reusable

– Powered by HeiQ V-Block technology

– 3 unisex styles, namely:  the Easy-On Poncho, our Active Tracksuit and our Professional Jumpsuits.

– 3 colour and 4 print options.

– Also in Kids sizes

– For any occasion from travel to commute to daily errands, also perfect for professionals on the job and on the go.


MIKA is the brain child of Fashion Designer Melinda Looi and entrepreneur Dirk Luebbert. After volunteering and producing thousands of PPE for frontliners during the peak of the COVID19 pandemic, Mel was looking for a way to keep her family and friends safe and stylish at the same time. This is how the MIKA was born…

Melinda Looi, Fashion Designer & Co-Creator of the MIKA: “I created the MIKA to protect my family and friends.”

Dirk Luebbert, Fashion Entrepreneur & Co-Creator of the MIKA: “MIKA is not just a fashionable and very functional apparel, thanks to HeiQ’s V-Block technology it inhibits the growth of microorganism on the fabric.”


In the current world we are more aware than ever on what we touch and what we expose ourselves to. Textiles provide us with the most basic protection to our bodies, ensuring comfort and well-being. But they also provide a large hosting surface for all kinds of microorganisms, some of them are problematic for an extended utilization of the textiles, and these microorganisms can live for days to months on textiles and multiply rapidly!

HeiQ V-Block technology has been tested by internationally reputable and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) laboratories according to ISO20743 and ISO18184 standards.

More information about HeiQ V-Block: 

USA: https://heiq.com/products/functional-textile-technologies/heiq-v-block/

EUROPE: https://heiq.com/products/functional-textile-technologies/heiq-viroblock/


Not just stylish, reusable and feature packed, the MIKA also has an open secret, which is the HeiQ V-Block technology, which gives its fabric the self-sanitizing characteristics.

More information and all features on our campaign site: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mika-protectivewear/mika-protective-travel-wear-for-the-new-normal

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