New YouTube channel MyDadTalk gives advice as any father would

MyDadTalk is a YouTube channel for teens and young adults to bring forward their daily life issues and seek advice as they would from a parent.

United States – Parents provide a foundation of love in a family that serves as an example to their children for building one of their own in the future. Undoubtedly, children grow in the most beautiful ways when they are trained correctly at an early age which leads them to make the right decisions in life.

Unfortunately, there are many in this world who grow up without parents or have to say goodbye to them at an incredibly young age. James Blue, owner of MyDadTalk talks about receiving inspiration from a documentary series where a dying mother contemplates the idea of leaving behind pearls of wisdom for her children. It is an insightful perspective to view humans as bodies of knowledge, each more experienced in the ways of life than the other.

Documenting and leaving behind his knowledge and wisdom for his son became the driving force that led James to launch his YouTube channel. MyDadTalk serves as a gateway for kids, teenagers, and young adults to receive actual advice from a dad. It’s a safe space for them to ask and receive answers to several questions and discuss topics on everyday issues that affect young people. These topics include relationships, personal growth, future goals, or basically anything that a young adult would need guidance with.

One of the reasons why advice and guidance from a parent are especially important is because it shapes and molds the child’s future as it has a direct impact on the child’s development. Learning from the experiences of a parent boosts the child’s abilities and strengths, simultaneously making them aware of danger and discrimination that society might pose.

A word of advice or support to a child from a parent is one of the best ways to make them confident and ready to face any problem that may arise. Studies prove that children who receive proper guidance and support have a better transition in adulthood. This sheds light on how constant communication is really important to maintain a good relationship between adults and children.

The sentiment behind the YouTube channel is to be therefore children and teenagers who were not privileged enough to grow in a healthy family environment or lost their parents due to unfortunate circumstances. James hopes to make MyDadTalk a method of communication between him and anyone in need of advice that makes them say “What would have my dad done if he was in this situation?

With MyDadTalk as a virtual platform is vital for the development of young adults and teens in a delicate growing age. Communicative nurturing and wisdom can allow them to be the best version of themselves and grow up to a better future without feeling lost or without a direction.

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