Learn The Art Of Healthy Feminine Lifestyle: A Unique Concept by FAMVACADEMY founded by Agnes Klocokova

Learn The Art Of Healthy Feminine Lifestyle: A Unique Concept by FAMVACADEMY founded by Agnes Klocokova
Beautiful Feminine Healthy Lifestyle that enhances the meaning of being a woman at the life stage you are right now. That’s the mantra underpinning the success of Famvacademy’s online course that is helping ladies across the world rediscover themselves after midlife

Famvacademy has designed a unique concept that takes you on a magical journey to bring about a positive transformation in your mid-life. It’s a journey where you decide where you want to go and what you want to get. The journey, where you can express your needs, wants, dreams and find your purpose, your quest. During the journey you will be able to unlock your potential and find opportunities beyond your imagination. Famvacademy’s founder, Agnes Klocokova, has put years of experience in designing this course, which is now winning more and more hearts every day.

Famvacademy is a safe online place for Ladies After Midlife.

It’s a place where women after midlife can learn how to design their second half of their life to be happy, healthy and fulfilled. The place where they can learn how to enjoy being happy in their skin without diets that don’t work, without plastic surgery or torturing themselves in a gym!


“What if you were offered powerful techniques that would match your desire and wisdom to be feminine, healthier and fulfilled?!”
Learn under the personal guidance of Agnes. There hasn’t been a better time to use your sofa while having fun, joy, laughing, breaking your limits and going for your wildest dreams. Something what seems not possible is transforming into an art, embracing simple but sophisticated steps, tools and techniques.

Agnes advises ladies in their midlife to give themselves permission to enjoy what is uncovered in their body, mind, heart and spirit. They should enjoy and practise what she has learned. Their mission, should they choose to accept it, is to trust themselves, to accept and use their innate feminine power to reject what is not serving them and to become a confident Lady happy in her skin, living their daily life without shame or guilt, because it’s their right.

Fanvacademy’s online course is attractive by a valuable content and enjoyable by visual perception. The content of the course uses the information from research studies, psychology, Agnes’s own learning from great coaches & mentors (including her ancestors and her life partner) and her life experience that she tested and she is happily still using on a daily basis.

Agnes Klocokova is an Online Life Design Coach & Mentor for Ladies after Midlife. For about 20 years, Agnes has had the privilege to be a teacher, mentor, coach, adopting lifelong learning lifestyle, serving to the best clients, letting them know what she is learning, setting their curiosity on fire.

Experience something what you haven’t ever done before. EXPLORE.

For more information about Famvacademy and to get personal guidance from Agnes Klocokova, please visit: https://famvacademy.com/

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