Brooklyn Probate Attorney, Jason Bost of the Law Offices of Patel, Soltis, Cardenas and Bost (PSCB Law) is Offering Estate Planning, Trust, and Will reviews Free of Charge

Brooklyn Probate Attorney, Jason Bost of the Law Offices of Patel, Soltis, Cardenas and Bost (PSCB Law) is Offering Estate Planning, Trust, and Will reviews Free of Charge
A renowned law firm, Law Offices of Patel, Soltis, Cardenas & Bost (PSCB) is well known for probate litigation, estate administration and handling client matters with 100% privacy. The attorneys/Abogados offer Executors, Administrators and Family members case free reviews of Wills, Trusts, Litigation Matters related to probate and Real Estate for personal and business matters at no cost.

Brooklyn, NY – Law Offices of PSCB has made clear its intentions and dedication to serving Brooklyn and New York residents at large by offering free review of Promate cases to all. They will explain how the probate process works in a consultation or answer email without billing for the information.  The law firm is one of a kind and has shown a passion for executing services comparable to none in all of their practice areas. As a Brooklyn lawyer our offices offer no obligation free consultations. Planning for probate should not be a service that is unavailable to elders and their loved ones. When planning for your children’s future, elders need to take into account they will not be around forever, and understand that estate planning does not end with creating a will or putting property into a trust. 

Administration of an estate begins with planning. The areas of law covered by PSCB Law intertwine with Estate matters, including Real Estate, Estate Administration, Estate Litigation, Asset Protection, Trust Creation to ensure privacy and Foreclosure defense including bankruptcy if the estate is in trouble and needs time to conclude matters.

In a free review session, the first step involves a person in need sitting down with an experienced Brooklyn probate attorney or group of lawyers if the matter is complex who will listen and go through all of the potential client and estate’s legal issues whether it is planning for the future or working through litigation related to planning of an estate that could have gone better. Afterward, the attorneys at the offices of PCSB law will listen to the potential client’s wishes and craft a plan that addresses the areas of concern related to all questions whether it is tax related, planning probate, estate litigation, wills, trusts or the administration of a potential estate.

The firm is effective in determining the best course of action in a given probate case while protecting the rights of the probate estate and executor/administrator. After going through these steps the firm ensures all questions are answered. The attorneys will know whether they can help or not. If they cannot handle the case or provide any value to the estate, they will tell you this, and why. Many times an attorney is not needed to handle probate issues, but if an attorney is needed we will explain what the benefits a probate attorney can provide. Probate can be as simple as filling out forms to submit to the surrogate court, but other times can take years of pain to wrap up an estate when family members cannot agree. 

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Law Offices of Patel, Soltis, Cardenas, & Bost is a family-based firm that takes pride in offering a range of legal services to people, trusts, and businesses. The firm is known for top-rated and talented attorneys experienced in various fields of practice. Their attorneys offer unmatched legal advice and representation while upholding utmost care to all their clients. Reach them out by phone or email through the contact information below.

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