Dabbing Accessories Added to The Blazy Susan Catalog Line

Blazy Susan accessories for a dabbing sesh have been added to the line of devices and tools available in the next gathering of friends.

Blazy Susan and Ian Kelly are pleased to announce the listing of several dabbing accessories to the Blazy Susan product line. The accessories take various forms are functionalities. Some items are designed to keep the quartz clean, such as the cotton buds. Dabbers can organize dab equipment using a dab station, as well as using the appropriate tool. Blazy Susan offers a dabbing essential bundle that contains all the necessities in a single unit. Dabbers make the accessories for dabbers. 

The rolling trays are an example of the creativity demonstrated by the Blazy Susan equipment. The trays feature an innovative design with small compartments for all the various types of smoking accessories and supplies. The components include a slap insert, dab pad, silicone ashtray, and bowl cleaner. There are also traps made of hemp, walnut, and even stainless steel. In this lineup of rolling trays, they now have released a line of dab trays. Ian Kelly has stated, “The Blazy Susan Dab Tray is designed by dabbers”. The accessories listed by Blazy Susan are rigorously tested and comply with the high standards of all of the company’s products. 

Keeping accessories organized and in a single place is the result of using the trays and other items, making the session convenient. Dabs (aka oil, concentrates, shatter, rosin, live resin) are a highly concentrated form of the flower that you typically smoke.  Dabbing is a way of taking in concentrated cannabis oil. Dabbing allows the user to get the product’s full effect and flavor. 

Dabbing Accessories by Blazy Susan are developed for the process of enjoying a dab. That is why a lot of thought and testing went into an innovative and attractive accessory line to enhance the enjoyment of dabbing. The items are carefully thought out to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The online catalog is useful to find items appropriate as gifts or self-indulgence.

About the Company: 

Blazy Susan offers a line of smoking accessories, rolling trays, and dabbing accessories that functional, attractive and make your smoking or dabbing sesh more enjoyable! 

More information is available at https://blazysusan.com/product-category/dabbing-accessories/

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