Nixus Web Solutions To Focus On Small Business

Nixus Web Solutions To Focus On Small Business
Nixus Web Solutions has optimized its business model to focus on small businesses and sole traders based in Hobart, Tasmania.

The year 2020 was a hard-hit time for all businesses around Australia with the Tasmanian local economy outperforming other states. Many people are now working from home and 2021 is bringing new opportunities for small business owners in the online space.

The average consumer has become comfortable with ordering products and services online, becoming savvy with checkouts, and trusting debit card payments outside of popular gateways like Paypal. eCommerce has exploded and people are starting to take notice.

Small business owners are taking advantage of this new movement by seeking advice for building an eCommerce store. Nixus Web Solutions is assisting small business owners in Tasmania with domain registration, adding new products, and changing content live.

“Nixus Web Solutions is striving to help the small guys compete against larger players in a space dominated by cash flow. Good website development projects have become expensive and out of reach for many, and this isn’t the best time for that to be happening,” – Owner

The bottleneck discovered by Nixus in regards to web development and hosting is industry lingo with non-tech savvy clients/business owners. Data also shows from outreach that many people have already been burned with a website before often paying up to tens of thousands for something that did not function as requested or has no ongoing support. A common communication barrier is the account manager and Nixus has removed this process completely by allowing the client to deal directly with the worker face to face. This is proving to work in removing complications and launching websites faster with content control by the client.

Nixus Web Solutions’ focus for 2021 is on lifting small businesses within Hobart, Tasmania, and allowing sole traders to compete in the online space at an affordable price with new subscription-based payment plans available.

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Nixus Web Solutions provides domain registration, web hosting, web design and development, online marketing management, and advice. Please contact me if you would like to know more about future projects regarding small businesses in Hobart, Tasmania, and Nixus Web Solutions.

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