Center for Vascular Medicine Helps the Residents of Maryland, DC and Virginia Maintain Their Vascular Health

Center for Vascular Medicine Helps the Residents of Maryland, DC and Virginia Maintain Their Vascular Health

Greenbelt, MD – Center for Vascular Medicine is the premier treatment facility with headquarters in Greenbelt, MD. CVM helps the residents live comfortably by keeping their vascular health in check. As the leader in vascular diagnosis and treatment, the professional team understands the importance of daily exercise or walking with minimal to no pain in their pelvic region or lower extremities. CVM provides patients with relief from chronic pelvic pain of a vascular origin and leg pain during exertion. Patients visit the Center for Vascular Medicine when they experience poor circulation, pelvic pain, leg pain during exertion, leg swelling, leg ulcer and most of the discomfort caused by their lower extremities.

Center for Vascular Medicine is made up of competent medical professionals with years of experience and hundreds of success stories under their belt. The board-certified physicians, surgeons, and practitioners help patients with a variety of conditions whether they are mild or severe. The team is committed to offering remedies for the various conditions their patients have, with the mission of providing the best care with state-of-the-art technology.

Additionally, the Center for Vascular Medicine treats patients like family members. When a patient visits them through telehealth or in one of their locations, the medical professionals make recommendations the same way they would to their loved ones. With this in mind all physicians, nurses, and staff are trained on how to make a patient’s experience at the facility as comfortable and seamless as possible.

The Center for Vascular Medicine has an array of treatment options for their patients in all their locations. Their treatments provide solutions from leg discoloration, ulcers, chronic leg pain, leg swelling, chronic pelvic pain, and foot discomfort. Additionally, patients can visit the Center for Vascular Medicine to treat pelvic congestion syndrome. Through these treatments, the residents of Greenbelt continue to live their lives without any vascular issues.

When a patient registers for the telehealth appointment, a physician consults with them to find out their history as well as the symptoms they are experiencing. Telehealth can be performed to understand the underlying cause of the discomfort and determine if an office visit is necessary for an ultrasound. It is important to determine that the condition can possibly be as a result of a vascular condition. Once the physician determines that ultrasound is necessary, the patients can set up an office visit to complete the ultrasound and go through a comprehensive physical.

The Center for Vascular Medicine is looking to serve more patients suffering from vascular disorders with the expansion of multiple locations across the east coast of the United States, including Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Michigan, and Indiana.

With a 4.7 star review on Google, patients expressed gratitude and praise for the Center for Vascular Medicine. Patients explain that their experience with the vascular center has been life-changing, professional, and affordable. The medical professionals provided these patients with customized treatments, are trustworthy, and showed compassion 

Center for Vascular Medicine is located at 7300 Hanover Dr #104, Greenbelt, MD 20770, USA. For inquiries, contact them via phone at (301) 486-4690 or visit their website for additional information. Most insurance is accepted in their various locations including Medicaid. Please speak with a representative for details.

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