Mommy, You Can Choose to Be Happy, a New Free eBook, Helps People Lower Stress, Boost Energy & Find Joy

Author Evey Rosenbloom is making the book available at no cost to help those who are suffering

LOS ANGELES – Mar 17, 2021 – Published Author and Fashion Designer Evey Rosenbloom announced that she released an online book, Mommy, You Can Choose to Be Happy, to help the growing number of children and adults suffering from anxiety and depression. She wants to make sure people know that they are not alone and that there is hope, and is therefore providing the resources to strengthen mental health, easily accessible and at no cost.

This step-by-step framework reveals how anyone can find joy in dark times. The approach is so simple that even a burnt-out mom, with zero time to herself can use the tools provided in the book to minimize stress, fear and anxiety and learn to enjoy life.

Through her own experience, Rosenbloom struggled through strenuous times to finally overcome immobilizing stress, fear and heartbreak.

According to Rosenbloom, “After a wildfire swept through my neighborhood, the stress of feeling unable to protect my kids, destroyed me — physically and mentally. I hid my tears under blankets in the dark, wishing I could have given my kids a happy life. Then, everything changed. I heard my daughter’s sweet little voice say: ‘Mommy, you can choose to be happy.’  I wondered, ‘Is it that simple?’”

Rosenbloom started researching happiness, and found we don’t have to allow circumstances to dictate how we feel, but can choose to find joy inside our own hearts and minds. She courageously picked herself up, laced up her roller skates, wore rainbow wigs, singing karaoke with her children, painted the walls and danced around with kazoos. She realized she would no longer let fear keep her from celebrating life, as she discovered and explored the tools to naturally choose joy.  She enthusiastically explained, we can choose to “get up, put one foot in front of the other and chase our dreams because we were born to be happy.”

“My decision to choose happiness, saved my life and I felt compelled to share my story because there are so many people who are suffering right now. I know it feels wrong to strive for joy, in dark times, but we need to, if not for ourselves, then for those who need us. Happiness has been found to improve heart health, strengthen your immune system and help you combat stress. We all can do our part to light up the darkness, and it’s incredible how a little smile can change everything.”

Rosenbloom has worked with the most vulnerable populations at their most painful times in Psychiatric Hospitals, Group Homes for At-Risk Youth and Homeless Shelters, and today she works as a Happiness Coach, offering fun virtual courses and customized treatment plans to help people illuminate their unique paths from darkness to light.

“I’ve met people who were terminally ill, or survivors of natural disasters and genocide who were choosing to be happy. Their decisions to shift their mindset, enriched their lives in such positive ways. I decided to give the book away for FREE because I do not want lack of resources to prevent someone from accessing their own joy.

I help people change their thoughts and adopt healthy practices which actually rewire the brain, and naturally increase the production of serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins to get people enjoying their lives.”

Mrs. Rosenbloom’s book, Mommy, You Can Choose to Be Happy, can be found online, at no cost, at

And all her other resources to strengthen mental health for both children and adults are available for purchase through the site as well.

She has also posted a video,, to share her story and give viewers and readers hope and inspiration to discover their unique paths to joy. 

As a fashion designer, Evey has been lighting people up, on stages of music festivals & around the world from London to Finland, & across the US.

“When I pushed myself out of depression, a light bulb went off. I’d always loved to make light-up (fiber optic and electrical) dresses for people because I loved to see people shine, & I felt lighting people up, was what I was put here on this planet to do. Perhaps I needed to experience the pain and suffering of depression and anxiety so that I could discover and share the tools to light people up from the inside- out, so that they could sparkle with joy.”

About Evey Rosenbloom

Evey Rosenbloom is a Author, Happiness Coach, Light-Up Dress Designer and Host of “The Let Yourself Sparkle” podcast.

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