Tailored tutorials for every Christian musician: Start learning worship music online today.

17th March, 2021 – Music is at the heart of Christian worship. It brings joy and song to many and is an integral part of celebration and praise. But learning new music can be challenging, particularly if you’re a beginner or only have a short timeframe to learn a new skill or song. Worship Artistry offers tutorials for praise and worship songs online, helping musicians and vocalists perfect their part. With custom-built tutorials for beginners and advanced musicians, Worship Artistry will provide as little or as much learning as you need.  

Christian praise songs can be performed by a single musician or an entire band and choir. Whether your upcoming performance features a soloist or a group, Worship Artistry’s online lessons can help you learn and practice your part. With worship drumming tutorials online, drummers can practice with detailed walkthroughs and experiment with different tempo loops. With foundational drumming techniques for beginners and sheet music for advanced drummers, there is something for every drummer on Worship Artistry.  

Worship Artistry members can access over 500 lessons customized to suit their experience.  

In addition to drum tutorials, Worship Artistry has a dedicated section that helps rhythm and acoustic guitarists learn and play. The guitar is a powerful instrument commonly played in modern Christian praise songs. Worship Artistry’s worship songs with guitar chords feature a breakdown of chords, strum patterns, and tips for leading worship solos. Lead guitarists can also access song arrangements for single-player performances.  

All of the song lessons on Worship Artistry feature music videos so that musicians can practice along. The piano tutorials are designed for a single keyboardist or piano player and feature patch creation, chord walkthroughs, and individual part instructions. To learn worship piano chords online, there is no simpler way than a Worship Artistry membership. With sample lessons available, you can try their tutorials and learn more about their approach.  

There are thousands of worship leaders and musicians already using Worship Artistry. One said, ‘Worship Artistry not only captures our music, but the heart of worship within it. There’s nothing else like it.’ Another noted ‘I’m well-rested and ready to worship come Sunday morning, thanks to the Worship Artistry Team. Late nights figuring out parts are a thing of the past.’ 

Worship Artistry hasn’t forgotten about vocalists, either, with various tutorials for worship vocalsonline. Arranged for two- or three-part harmonies, the songs on Worship Artistry can be practiced with a music video to show how you will blend with other vocalists. Beyond learning songs, the platform features breath control builders, helping you to improve your technique.  

Start learning Christian praise music online with tutorials by Worship Artistry. Whether you’re a drummer, bassist, pianist, guitarist, or vocalist, you will find customized tutorials to help you learn and practice worship music.  

About Worship Artistry  

Worship Artistry is an online teaching platform, offering musicians and vocalists the chance to learn Christian music from anywhere. With customized lessons for beginners and advanced musicians and access to over 500 songs, Worship Artistry is the perfect place to learn and practice your part. Join thousands of worship leaders and musicians already using Worship Artistry.

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