Albanian Influencer Olta Shega Aims To Influence The World With Her Content

Albanian Influencer Olta Shega Aims To Influence The World With Her Content

Albanian Influencer Olta Shega Aims To Influence The World With Her Content

Being an influencer is not something that anyone can do. Aspiring influencers need to be passionate about the content that they make and share with their audiences. Each content should be entertaining and offers excellent value to achieve success. Albanian influencer Olta Shega has both of these attributes, and it’s the reason for her success as an Instagram influencer. 

Who Is Olta Shega? 

Olga Shega is an Albanian 25-year old blogger and Instagram influencer. She gives honest reviews about beauty products and fashion from local and international brands. One of her main goals as an influencer is to recommend products that will not disappoint her followers. 

Shega takes pride in her work as an influencer. Each brand and product is personally tested before she publishes a recommendation. She only recommends products that did great in her initial review.

In addition to blogs about fashion and beauty tips, Shega also shares her travel experience and lifestyle content in her Instagram profile. She is a mother of two who aims to inspire other mothers out there. She also works as a lawyer and in a fitness-related field, but her passion resides in clothes, fashion, and cosmetics. 


Shega is a lawyer by trade but a blogger and influencer by passion. All of her content is posted in her Instagram account called “Olta.Photoholic.” As of now, her Instagram has more than 152K followers with 511 posts. Olta.Photoholic also features travel blogs, unboxings, and other media. 

The Olta.Photoholic project was created accidentally. Back when she was pregnant with one of her kids, Olta Shega accidentally posted a photo on her Instagram profile. This accidental snap received positive feedback and jumpstarted her career as an influencer. And since then, Shega started receiving review requests from local and international brands. 

During an interview, Shega revealed that her focus as a blogger is on anything related to beauty. She loves featuring beautiful things: from pretty dresses to products that make you feel beautiful. 

Traveling As Another Inspiration

Another popular topic in Olta.Photoholic are travel-related content. Traveling in a foreign country is one of her natural curiosities. She loves to experience a new culture and learn about the history of a new place.

Throughout the years, Shega was able to document her travels and share these experiences with her followers. Her travel content includes trips to Slovenia, Milano, Paris, Dubai, Madrid, Roma, and Barcelona. 

To learn more about Olta and her adventures, follow her Instagram

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