Agility Bed Provides a Good Night’s Sleep with a Better Hybrid Mattress

This mattress by Therapedic combines specialty foams and coils to create a better sleeping experience.

Healthy sleep is an essential part of healthy living. During sleep, the body and mind rests, recharges, and even heals minor health issues. We spend at least one-third of our lives sleeping, so it’s critical that we have a good quality sleep surface.

To enhance the sleep experience, and aid in overall health, Agility Bed now offers high-quality mattresses and foundations that are designed to deliver optimal sleep. Agility Bed was developed by Therapedic International, a sleep products company that has been helping people get a good night’s sleep for over 60-years. Therapedic knows sleep, and they designed Agility Bed with the finest materials available.

“We understand the importance of sleep. The pandemic of this past year has helped consumers to focus on just how important sleep is to maintain good health. Sleep, along with diet and exercise makes up the triumvirate of good health,” said a representative of the company.

Agility mattresses are made of only the highest-quality materials, engineered to the company’s unique specifications, producing exceptionally comfortable results. Each Agility mattress uses a better hybrid construction than most others on the market today. Scientifically engineered mini-micro pocket coils are more flexible and responsive than the bulky, wrapped coil units used in most other mattresses. This technology is combined with premium breathable, natural latex and contouring, gel memory foam. It’s the combination of these better materials that help to provide the optimal sleep experience for better comfort and support.

The four layers in combination – natural latex, mini-micro coils, bio-based gel foam, and high-density base foam – are specifically designed to provide a better night’s sleep. Unlike other mattresses, Agility’s hybrid design allows the mattress to respond quickly to surface movement. The unique mini-micro pocket coils give the mattress an agile performance surface, and is air permeable, which helps it to breathe and sleep cool, while providing support and comfort to surface pressure points.

Agility mattresses also provide peace of mind. They are CertiPUR, meaning they do not have ozone depleters, flame retardants, formaldehyde, and CFCs. And, their latex layer is Oeko-Tex 100-certified. All this makes Agility mattresses so safe for sleep, that they are even recommended for babies and children.

Enjoy a good night, and a great morning with Agility Bed.

In addition to the comfort, support and peace of mind provided while sleeping, Agility mattresses also come with convenience. The original hybrid mattress in a box may be purchased online at a competitive price and includes free contactless delivery. No need to work your schedule around a delivery window. Delivered right to your doorstep in compressed, vacuum sealed protection, they are also quick and easy to install.

“A hybrid is the best of both worlds—the ideal blend of coils and specialty foams. Giving you the most comfortable mattress, delivered right to your door, at a reasonable cost,” added the representative.

Agility Bed mattresses come in different sizes along with a 100-night free trial. Bedsheets, pillows, and newly launched cbd products — a tincture and a bed linen spray — are also available to enhance the sleep experience with the hybrid mattresses at

About Agility Bed

Agility Bed offers the better hybrid mattress in a box available for purchase online. It is the brainchild of Therapedic, the company that has been helping people have a good night’s sleep for more than six decades.

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