Client Connect® Links Criminal Defense Lawyers with Prospective Clients, Equalizing Access to Private Defense.

By leveraging public record data, lawyers can reach prospective clients within seconds of arrest.

Traditionally, criminal defense marketing has been a passive game: lawyers shell out thousands on SEO to rank higher on Google and obtain leads who are already searching for a private criminal defense lawyer. No longer.

Client Connect is a software company disrupting the criminal defense marketing industry by connecting criminal defense lawyers with arrested individuals in their county – all within minutes of their arrest.

The software works by scouring through public arrest records to determine who’s been arrested. Once an arrestee is identified, Client Connect’s algorithm scrubs public records across the internet to find accurate email addresses and social media accounts for each arrestee. Criminal defense attorneys can leverage this data by automating an email to each arrestee, or even advertising to them on ad platforms like Facebook ads.

But Client Connect doesn’t just give help users reach out to arrestees. Criminal defense attorneys can also gain valuable insights about the arrest activity in their county to tailor their website’s to some of the county’s most common charges. For instance, lawyers can allocate their SEO dollars more efficiently by using Client Connect to see which charges are the most common in their county and then writing articles about those charges. Targeted SEO like this allows lawyers to funnel arrestees with the most common charges onto their website, where they can call the lawyer for a free consultation.

“Our software equalizes access to private criminal defense and ensures that each arrested person has access to quality legal representation,” stated a representative from Client Connect. “Arrestees can receive free consultations with bar-vetted criminal defense lawyers who are free of any disciplinary history.”

Client Connect offers valuable features that criminal defense lawyers will find useful for their practice. At any time, lawyers can login to the Client Connect dashboard for their county and download a list of arrestees from the past day, week, or month–– allowing them to target prospective clients with social media ads, reaching them before other criminal defense attorneys in their regions.

Lawyers concerned about their state-bar rules will be glad to hear that Client Connect gives each arrestee an opportunity to opt-out of their software service in the event that they already have an attorney, or just simply don’t want to be contacted. Due to its stringent email cleaning requirement, the software company guarantees 99% of the arrestee email addresses on its platform to be deliverable, so attorneys need not worry about harming their firm’s email credibility.

Minimizing Work for Attorneys

Those in the software industry understand the importance of outside integrations. Client Connect’s software currently hosts a MailChimp integration with several more integrations planned in the future. The software’s MailChimp integration enables attorneys with MailChimp accounts to sync live arrestee contact information with their account to automate email solicitations to arrestees. Notably, lawyers can use this integration to create emails that are customized to each recipient’s name, charge, and county, leaving the impression of a custom message without any day-to-day work on the attorney’s end.

Criminal defense lawyers, law firms, or other interested individuals can learn more by sending an email to or visiting the company’s website for a demo at

About Client Connect

Client Connect LLC is a software company that connects criminal defense lawyers with recently arrested individuals. Company headquarters are in Long Beach, CA.

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