The Bismuth Smith, Inc. Introduces One of the Best Innovative Solutions to Gift-Buying

This gold-like metal produces crystals and rainbows to create hand-made crystalized works of art.

In April 2018, mineral enthusiast Kyle Lauzon started his bismuth crystal business The Bismuth Smith, Inc. with $200 and a dream. He did it when he saw the potential in the metal that fascinated him ever since he was a kid. He focused on perfecting his craft and today, The Bismuth Smith has grown into six facilities across two buildings, and more. The company also has a staff that is more like family than a business, a thriving community that believes in the potential the brand holds, and a vision and plan for innovations to come.

The company introduces to people one of the best innovative solutions to gift-buying. The products sold by the company are gem-like crystal structures emitting different colors, like a rainbow.

Bismuth is a brittle metal that is over eight times rarer than silver, and half as rare as gold. Kyle set off despite being told it was too brittle to work with and that controlling the colors was impossible.

As a kid, Kyle was interested in subjects such as rock and minerals, and chemistry. He started growing Bismuth as a challenge from a jewelry store in a small town of Picton, Ontario. This slowly became his passion. He had dedicated his life to producing new and amazing items for the average person to be able to afford high-end home décor.

Kyle transforms the pure metal element of bismuth into eye-catching and unique products like a goldsmith converts gold. Bismuth is number 83 on the periodic table. It takes on an oxide layer that produces vibrant colors, which is similar to rust on iron, although far more beautiful. The colors that appear on bismuth gems are caused by a phenomenon called thin-film interference.

“Think of it like a soap bubble or oil on water, this oxide film layer is so thin that it breaks the light spectrum apart into colors. The visible light spectrum is 300 to 700 nanometers, less than 1000th of a human hair on Bismuth, the transparent layer of oxide is the same diameter as a light wave, which results in it breaking apart the light into colors much like a prism does,” Kyle said.

Bismuth crystallizes and expands upon solidification, so casts of the metal must be made hollow to prevent cracking, leaving a beautiful crystal structure. It is the most diamagnetic natural material known and is a superconductor at low temperatures and is electrically and thermally resistant at high temperatures.

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About The Bismuth Smith, Inc.

The Bismuth Smith is the sole producer of bismuth gems and products of its kind worldwide. Created by inventor Kyle Lauzon, the brand is the only company that supplies bismuth figurines to global distributors and online stores.

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