QEMY, a newly launched digital agency, is on the mission to smoothen the digital transformation of businesses

QEMY, the digital agency based out of Dubai, UAE, paves the way for new businesses to embark on their online journey.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – In the current circumstance, the pandemic has restricted every business and brand amid lockdown and social distancing guidelines. This has specifically impacted the brick-and-mortar stores who found it hard to even remain afloat in the midst of corona-induced crises. Realizing it as the need of hour, QEMY, the newly launched digital marketing agency, is working to empower effected businesses and stores.

“Online presence is no longer a fancy shenanigan, it is in fact, a need for businesses to stay in operation. That is solely the purpose of QEMY, which have been lunched only to provide corona-impacted business an edge to survive during this crises season,” says Edouard Lacassiere, Founder, QEMY.

QEMY the emerging digital agency in Dubai, is making waves across the UAE, for its exceptional digital marketing services. The company proffers its top-notch services in two sub-niches, including building and promoting. In building category, QEMY provides services for Strategy, Development, Web Design, Go-to-Market strategy, and lead generation. While in promoting section, QEMY employs its expertise in SEO, PPC, Affiliation, Social Media Marketing and Marketing Automation.

Evolving as one of the most promising digital marketing agency in Dubai, QEMY endeavors to provides businesses with wings to soar high towards the horizons of success. “QEMY is all about helping businesses who are drenched in trouble, hardly able to manage their expenses. We aim to provide businesses a secret to success which is flawless digital marketing strategies, endowing them to go from striving to thriving,” says Edouard Lacassiere.

The founder of QEMY, Lacassiere, also reveals that the company is based on the principle of transparency, and works in the best interest of their client. It additionally focuses on encouraging the brands to employ the power of algorithms, to grow their business, and thus provides SEO services in Dubai. “There is a common delusion that SEO is old-school. Well, it is but this dated method can do wonders to enhance your brand repute by aligning you with the search algorithms of the search engine, optimizing your website to catch the eyes of potential buyers, online.”

QEMY outperforms other agencies, with its determination to help businesses in need. Not solely in the business for the sake of making profits, the company is working tirelessly, blending both the old and new digital marketing tactics to make the small business flourish. “I always say, never underestimate the power of digital marketing for your business; after all, it gives something extraordinary: global recognition,” says Edouard Lacassiere.

The launch of QEMY is the birth of an opportunity for all the struggling businesses to grow and prosper.

About The Company  

QEMY is a newly launched digital agency in Dubai, UAE. It provides a range of services, including BUILDING: Market study, Strategy, Development, Web Design, Go-to-Market strategy, lead generation, and PROMOTING: SEO, PPC, Affiliation, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Automation. QEMY provides its services for markets targeting English, French or Arabic languages.

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