Gravity-Inspired Pillow Called Waveform Launches On Kickstarter

Gravity-Inspired Pillow Called Waveform Launches On Kickstarter
“Fully funded on Kickstarter in under 1 hour!”

March 18, 2021 – With most people struggling to sleep or rest comfortably the team at Miracle Stock has swooped in to fix things with their Waveform pillow which combines the art of sleeping with the efficiency of science. Waveform pillows have been designed to help troubled sleepers nap better.

Promising a “gravity-inspired sleep experience”, Waveform pillow transforms sleep into a cherishing experience. The ergonomic design of the Waveform pillow ensures better sleep quality by reducing the discomforts & increasing support. The Waveform pillow was ideated by a team of E-commerce experts with experience in crafting & private labeling consumer products. The team aimed to design a product that will revolutionize the napping experience.

The Waveform pillow project is now on popular funding website, Kickstarter, renowned for turning award-winning campaign ideas into reality. The waveform team is currently looking for more backers, having already gained the trust of 235 backers (at the time of publication). Kickstarter charges for a pledge only if the project reaches its funding goal.

What makes the Waveform pillow innovative are the unique layers of design that have been conceived for ultimate comfort. The product promises to offer better sleep by positioning the head at the center of gravity. It also has a cooling gel base that disseminates heat away from the head to keep it cool through the night.

Buyers will also be surprised with Waveform pillow’s bamboo memory foam which helps disperse heat during the sweaty summer nights. Much to the comfort of buyers, its Waveform Airflow System further helps the cause of cooling by allowing in fresh & cold air through the pillow’s air channels.

The Waveform pillow is not limited to just superior comfort. The copper outer protection inhibits the growth of dust mites, bacteria, mold, germs and other allergy-causing microorganisms. 

The makers of the revolutionary pillow are motivated to improve the quality of sleep by designing a product that meets all the buyer’s needs. Unlike the regular pillow, the Waveform pillow is designed to support the spine in a proper posture. After all, a good night’s sleep leads to a more energetic & productive day.

Waveform Pillow has been “Fully funded on Kickstarter in under 1 hour!” Pledge for the project by visiting here: 

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