White Falcon Publishing acclaimed with “Company of the Year 2020” recognition by SiliconIndia

White Falcon Publishing acclaimed with "Company of the Year 2020" recognition by SiliconIndia

“White Falcon Publishing is one of the fastest growing self-publishing companies in India.”
White Falcon Publishing has been acclaimed with “Company of the Year 2020” recognition in publishing category by SiliconIndia.

White Falcon Publishing has become one of the fastest growing publishing companies in India. White Falcon Publishing has helped thousands of authors in publishing their books, many of which are now national bestsellers and award winners.  White Falcon Publishing has been continuously working on bringing new innovations to the publishing sector.

Some of the key innovations done by White Falcon Publishing are:

Print-On-Demand Publishing Platform:

White Falcon Publishing has built a one of its kind Print-On-Demand Publishing Platform (https://whitefalconpublishing.com) for publishing books. Print on Demand (POD), as the name suggests, is about printing books in small sets, instead of maintaining a huge inventory. White Falcon Publishing assists authors in publishing their books for global distribution online. The startup has collaborations with a huge network of globally diverse Print-On-Demand providers and book distributors. It is through this demographically diverse network that the startup is able to make its customers’ books available for sale globally.

India’s First Free Academic Publishing Platform – ScholarGram:

White Falcon Publishing launched India’s first Free Academic Publishing Platform – ScholarGram (https://scholargram.com) in 2015. ScholarGram is an open and free to use platform for publishing scholarly works including thesis, dissertations, research papers, project reports, conference proceedings and journals into print and eBooks. ScholarGram aims to bring the research work done by scholars in India from the dusty shelves of their institutes’ libraries to the forefront so that the same are easily accessible to anyone and everyone who needs them. With ScholarGram, academic works can be retained forever as print and eBooks.

India’s First Crowd-funding Platform for Books – BooksFundr:

BooksFundr (https://booksfundr.whitefalconpublishing.com) is India’s first crowd-funding platform for books. With BooksFundr, authors can create campaigns for their books and sell pre-orders. The books that meet pre-order goals are published by White Falcon Publishing for free. Authors earn 100% Profit Share for all book sold over and above the pre-order goals. BooksFundr is an innovative platform where authors can raise funds for publishing their books through pre-orders. Books that prove reader interest by meeting the pre-order goals are published by us, without any upfront costs to the author. BooksFundr is also a convergence platform for authors and readers where the readers support in publishing of the books they want to read by buying pre-orders.

India’s First Blockchain Certification and Timestamping Service for Books:

White Falcon Publishing has launched a blockchain certification and timestamping service for books. With this service, authors and publishers will be able to certify and timestamp their books on public blockchain networks such as Ethereum. White Falcon Publishing creates certified and timestamped records of all the books they publish, and record them within a certification smart contract deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, as a permanent proof of existence. Each book published by White Falcon Publishing has a unique QR code on the cover which points to a web page where anyone can verify the book’s certification record. The certification record can be used for digital attribution, proof of existence, prior knowledge, integrity and authenticity. The certification and timestamping process is fully decentralized, as is the blockchain itself. Therefore no trusted third party or centralized authority is required for the user to prove the certification of the document in the future. Authors will be able to prove the certification and timestamping of their books by referring to the book’s fingerprint (cryptographic hash) on a certification smart contract deployed the publicly available Ethereum blockchain.

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