Penchantly – A New eCommerce platform to help US businesses with foreign owners

The first eCommerce platform to offer free banking

Say hello to a new eCommerce leader “Penchantly” that will soon be in the market. There has never been a better time for everyone to sell products and services online, but thanks to Penchantly, a one of its kind platform that simplifies eCommerce for everyone. Some leading online eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Bigcommerce have a few flaws which make it difficult for entrepreneurs and small businesses to use eCommerce with their pricing and lack of essential features like SEO, which happens to be the most important feature for Online business.

Furthermore,  foreign-owned US-based businesses that operate in the United States have to use a 3rd-party payment processor, and the processor will charge a 3% fee and the platform also charges 2-3% and more, as a result of the current economic situation; It’s not possible to afford those costs today.

Fortunately, there is Penchantly – a new platform helping entrepreneurs around the world to sell their products without any hassle.

Penchantly provides several advantages over competing eCommerce platforms that entrepreneurs should not ignore. Here’s how Penchantly makes it easy for business owners to sell products online and how to get started with the Penchantly Platform.

While the world was dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, small businesses were badly affected because most of them had to shut down or go online; and they wanted an all-in-one eCommerce platform that makes life easier, especially those staying abroad, to succeed online. To address the problems that entrepreneurs have building websites, processing payments, and managing accounting needs and banking without having to go bankrupt with so many fees everywhere, this is why Penchantly is introducing its unique platform.

Penchantly is a scalable eCommerce solution, website builder, and a lot more. The eCommerce features give users access to everything needed to set up a shop within minutes. Users can access hundreds of professional website themes, integrate their website with design tools they’re already familiar with, and utilize Penchantly’s powerful blogging platform. When it comes to building powerful websites, they have everyone covered.

There is a lot of major issues with traditional eCommerce platforms and Banks because most of them cannot accommodate US businesses with foreign owners, higher fees for deposits and withdraws, monthly fees, and more. Luckily, Penchantly eliminates this issue by providing unique 100% Free banking and payment processing services PCI compliant for their clients. Within as little as a few minutes, a business can receive approval to take payments from US and Worldwide customers.

“You’ll sell more products by utilizing our credit, debit, and ACH payment processors. Plus, there are no subscriptions or hidden fees when it comes to banking or Payment processing. Instead, you pay a flat rate depending on how your customers choose to pay you. Prices per purchase are affordable, ranging from 2.4% to 3.4%. Additionally, you can also take online and offline payments, allowing you to collect more money at offline sales events or use POS if you are a restaurant”. Said the spokesperson for Penchantly, while discussing the benefits of using the website.

Virtual mailboxes provide a local address for each business, allowing the entrepreneur to do business within the United States and benefit from local SEO campaigns. Although virtual mailboxes and offices are nothing new, most e-commerce software companies do not provide them. Now, every business can benefit from a virtual mailbox, where entrepreneurs can manage postal mail and packages remotely without having to leave their homes.

One of Penchantly’s virtual mailbox’s best features is the ability to send mail using a laptop or phone. The message can be sent via a postal service within the US. With Penchantly’s Registered agents that help to register a new company in multiple states and keep business federally compliant with US law, and business benefits from having a virtual Mailbox with a Real US address.

Helping Businesses with Accounting Needs

As a business owner that is tired of using eCommerce solutions that make it challenging to manage cash,  Penchantly makes it easy to address every business accounting needs and it’s all for free. Using the Penchantly Platform, an entrepreneur can review reports about their cash flow, send invoices to customers, pay bills, and more.

Penchantly’s financial reports will make it simple to comply with US tax law and this makes it easier for a business to move forward. And do not worry, they built all the accounting systems in the Penchantly Platform with everyone in mind. Each accounting service is easy to access and complete, so, it’s not necessary to be an accountant to manage a business cash flow.

What Are The Next Steps?

Ready to give Penchantly a try? Learn more about the all-in-one eCommerce platform on their website here and join the waitlist. Now there’s no need to wait to experience the difference!

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