New FaceMask Cleanser is on the Market

Formerly Homeless Mother, Launches Company, Solving Facemask Problems

Gainesville, Ga. – March 18, 2021 – Widespread and necessary, facemasks are susceptible togerms and bacteria that filter through the coverings. This problem led Amberlee Hoagland and her Heda Cosmetics company to develop the Pure FaceMask Cleanser that cleans masks without the chemicals and dyes that can be harmful to faces. Pure FaceMask Cleanser cleans one’s favorite fabric face-coverings while maintaining a gentle clean that isn’t harsh for delicate facial skin. The Cleanser is made with 100% Lavender essential oil for an aromatic mask-wearing experience and comes in a white, 32-ounce bottle with a pump for ease of use.

“When COVID-19 hit and masks were put in place, it was a problem to wash the masks,” said Hoagland, a self-made “mompreneur.” She added, “Our facemasks are very dirty and it’s best to wash reusable ones every day. The laundry chemicals were harsh on our skin and throwing them in with regular laundry was hopeless. There was a problem and I solved it with this product.” In addition to chemical issues, machine washing masks tend to shrink and deform them — reducing their effectiveness and shortening their lifespan.

Hoagland, the inventor of The Pure FaceMask Cleanser, has a remarkable story. She was raised in Buford, Georgia until entering foster care at age 11. She married at 19 and had 4 children. During this time, she also earned a bachelor’s degree in business. She started experiencing domestic violence in her marriage, and soon filed for divorce. She became a single mother, but with little support, she entered Gateway and then Family Promise of Hall County. Both are located in Gainesville, Georgia, offering shelter for mothers and children experiencing homelessness.

After successfully completing both programs, Hoagland was determined to make a new future for her own children. Now, at age 29 she has invested all of her savings into bringing this product to market. Hoagland says ‘we all experience bad things in life, but what matters is how we each overcome them.’ Also stating ‘I want to create my own future.’

“I’m proud to bring this cleanser to the market,” Hoagland remarked. “Masks are going to be a part of our lives for the foreseeable future and it’s important that they are hygienic for adults and children alike. With our Pure FaceMask Cleanser, your mask will always be clean, fresh, and gentle on your face.”

Indeed, even with widespread vaccinations for COVID-19, masking is still advised. Not everyone will get vaccinated. New variants of the Coronavirus expose people to infection, possibly even after being vaccinated. And, a vaccinated person can still be a carrier of COVID-19. Without a mask, that person can be a “spreader” can cause others to get sick.

Customers are instructed to use warm water in a large bowl or sink and the desired amount of PURE FaceMask Cleanser to hand wash reusable/washable facemasks. Four pumps per sink of warm water is recommended for a regular wash. For a heavier wash, six pumps per sink of warm water is recommended. Rinse and let air dry.

To purchase a facemask cleanser, visit All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted for the cleanser. Visitors can also subscribe to the newsletter at the site for information about new products and other updates, including news about the soon-to-be-released laundry bar for facemasks. The soap-size cleanser is ideal for travelers, allowing them to easily clean their masks.

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