Cuban and other Billionaire’s NFT Investments are surging as Satoshi releases his Time Capsule Collection

March 18, 2021 – Individuals looking for low investment opportunities with high returns now have an opportunity to invest in NFT wallets for a celebrity’s debut art collection.

The celebrity who is operating under the pseudonym JK Satoshi is launching his debut collection dubbed Time Capsule: 2020 featuring three prints that beautifully captures the events of 2020.

Time Capsule 2020 features a limited NFT set of 10,000. Once all of them are sold five random wallets containing the NFT will be selected. One wallet will receive $50,000 USDT. The 2nd will win the unique Time Capsule: 2020 Legend Edition and the 3rd wallet will receive the unique Time Capsule: 2020 Gold edition via a time capsule upon the death of the artist which will reveal the artist’s real identity. The 4th wallet will receive the unique Time Capsule: 2020 Gold Legend Edition also via a time capsule at the time of the artist’s death. The owner of the 5th NFT wallet will get to choose a year that the artist will create a piece of artwork for and add a caption relevant to that year to be included in the piece.

NFT’s are a fairly new type of digital asset. This hot, new trend in technology has gained popularity among billionaires and celebrities. In February, Miami based art collector, Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile sold a digital artwork NFT that he had purchased for $67,000 in October for $6.6 million.

According to Satoshi, the purpose of the time capsule is to evoke memories of the good and the bad times of 2020 to help people make better decisions for the future. Each artwork will feature small hints of the artist’s identity that will be released via a press release and Twitter upon his death.

When asked why he is releasing the work under a pseudonym. Satoshi said: “I want my art to be judged on its merit and not on the success I have had in other areas.”

Each 2020 NFT has Image, MP4, and GIF. NFT wallets are currently on sale for $100 each.

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