The Upshift App is Revolutionizing Flexible Jobs, in Cincinnati, Ohio

Upshift is a company that lends itself well to the needs of employees and employers in Cincinnati, Ohio.  With the changes in Cincinnati, especially in 2021, Upshift provides the method to find flexible work, whether fulltime or part-time that residents so sorely need.

It is usually very tiring, and time-consuming, for anybody who wants to take on a side hustle to find a convenient job. It is equally hard for any employer, to find the right talent or employee with the right credentials to occupy the job. That is why Upshift allows employers to be able to find workers with specific talents, through their official Smartphone app and a platform that eliminates lost time, energy, and frustration for both employees and employers.

Upshift has an artificial intelligence-based application that quickly and effectively tracks postings of flexible jobs, whether part-time or fulltime, and allows employees to be hired quickly within their realm of experience, mostly in the hospitality industries of all sorts.  With all the changes that are occurring in Cincinnati routinely, more individuals than ever want flex jobs and more employers than ever are seeking flexible workers. 

Employers become frustrated with other applications that make them “weed” through dozens of offerings that are not targeted enough, while employees do not get updates on events and jobs that are timely enough.  Upshift has solved all this with the screening of employees and the lightning quick updates on available flexible jobs.

Upshift promises to connect employers with employees who match their qualifications, knowing very well that anyone who searches the terms “part-time jobs in Cincinnati, Ohio” will be bombarded with tons of results, most of them which will not be suitable for their specific talents or schedules. It is the company’s job to save both the employees and employers that lost time and connect them together in an optimal amount of time.

In addition, Upshift, offers the option of hourly jobs with weekly pay, and the ability to check within minutes on the status of a job for employees within the city of Cincinnati, Ohio.  A variety of industries, such as hotels, or food service, including positions like servers, dishwashers, catering and events, with positions like housekeepers, and kitchen staff exist, with many more. With the changes in the Cincinnati job market jobs open and close unexpectedly or change schedule frequently.

The company is very meticulous in its selection of employees, maintaining a matchup success rate of over 94%.  There is an exclusion of financial and scientific positions, as those generally require a different style of working. 

Potential employees will have to pass a personality assessment, a one-on-one interview or orientation session to be accepted cutting back on the frustrations that employers encounter at staffing agencies and other online job sites.  After that, employees will be rated and reviewed after each gig, and they will be obliged to follow a strict disciplinary policy, with a three-strikes concept, banning them forever from the website, after three strikes. 

Upshift has been much needed in Cincinnati, OH and is welcomed by both employees and employers.

About Upshift Cincinnati

Upshift is fast becoming one of the most used platforms for both employers looking to hire hourly workers and individuals looking to find a job through their platform. The apps’ flexibility and convenience, have made it one of the go-to apps, used by students, full-time workers, or unemployed talents looking for the right fulltime, and part-time jobs and flex gigs. 

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