Brief Introduction about Rocplex Marine Plywood – Waterproof Plywood

ROCPLEX marine plywood is one of the commonly used wooden materials for the manufacture of waterproof and moisture-proof furniture and decoration. It can improve the utilization rate of wood and is the main way to save wood. ROCPLEX marine plywood can be applied to yachts, Shipbuilding industry manufacturing; car body manufacturing; high-end furniture cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets, wooden floor substrates, speaker boxes, fan blades, piano and musical instrument parts, etc.

ROCPLEX marine plywood adopts imported Finnish Tyre waterproof glue, which not only meets environmental protection standards, but also has the characteristics of weather resistance and resistance to boiling for 72 hours without opening the glue.

Marine plywood, also known as “waterproof plywood”, “marine plywood”, “ocean plywood”, etc., causes superior waterproof performance, and has natural solid wood texture and performance, so it is widely used.

The Okoman marine plywood surface bottom plate has strong stability and machinability, clear texture and uniform texture, soft and smooth color tone; Adhesive is imported from Finland Tyre waterproof glue, tested by SGS laboratory, the bonding strength is level 3, suitable for gongs Milling various complex shapes is a high-quality choice for the production of high-end furniture, cabinet wardrobes, and multilayer solid wood flooring substrates.

Advantages of ROCPLEX marine plywood

Panel: select high-grade Okoman trees imported from Europe, from natural forests abroad and self-planted forest farms, good raw materials guarantee good quality. Okoume is light in texture, sturdy and durable, and has strong corrosion resistance; Okoume has strong plasticity, is easy to bend under steam, can be shaped, and has good nail holding performance.

The core board of ROCPLEX marine plywood: According to the requirements of the customer’s use environment, ROCPLEX’s marine plywood core board is divided into two types: light wood and hard wood. When using hardwood wood whole core and whole board, the physical performance is stable, the material is hard, the strength and toughness, the seismic performance are high, the corrosion resistance and the steam bending performance are good.

Glue: Use Finnish imported Tyre waterproof glue to ensure the quality of product glue and environmental protection. In our own laboratory, the formaldehyde emission is controlled at 0.3mg/L, which meets strict national and European standards.

Marine plywood rocess characteristics / TECHNOLOGY

ROCPLEX marine plywood plywood (passed the British BS 1088-1:2003 marine plywood international standard certification) completely adopts international advanced production technology and management mode, from the billet entering the factory to the finished product warehousing.

Each process is strictly controlled with quantified data, 36 links of quality monitoring, full inspection on the production site, random inspection by quality specialists, mutual inspection between upper and lower processes, and a full quality assurance system for packaging and warehousing, so that every product meets strict requirements European standards, national standards.

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