Brief Introduction About Building Film Faced Plywood

The raw material used in the high-end building film faced plywood is birch with a density of 700KG/M3. Because the birch material is hard, the film faced plywood e made of birch is very flat and has a super load-bearing capacity.

There will be no bending under high pressure. In addition, the surface of thefilm faced plywood produced by birch is covered with 240G/M2 Tyre film, which is very greasy when touched by hand, and will not leave any traces of concrete, thus ensuring the smoothness of the building’s walls.

1. Reuse more than twelve times.
2. The size of each template meets the requirements.
3. Choose high-quality eucalyptus veneer and whole core board.
4. The amount of glue is evenly covered, each layer of core, one layer of glue, pressure difference 16, pressure 220T.
5. Exquisite brandfilm faced plywoods are carefully made and won the praise of building timber.
6. Price prevails in the comparison of the same quality.
7. Can reduce project cost by 40%.

Large format: The maximum format is 2440*1220, 915*1830mm, which reduces the number of seams and improves the efficiency of the mold support.

No warpage, no deformation, no cracking, good water resistance and high turnover. Demoulding is easy, only 1/7 of steel molds.

Light weight: easier to use in high-rise buildings and bridge construction.
Many times of use: It can be used repeatedly more than 12 times under the correct storage conditions.
Concrete pouring: The surface of the pouring object is smooth and beautiful, minus the secondary plastering process of the wall, it can directly decorate the surface and reduce the construction period by 30%.
Corrosion resistance: does not pollute the concrete surface.
Good thermal insulation: It is good for winter construction, and can be used as a curved flat template.
Good construction performance: the performance of nailing, sawing, drilling is better than bamboo plywood, small steel plate, and it can be processed into various shapes of templates according to construction needs.

The main advantages of building film faced panels:

Light weight: more suitable for high-rise buildings and bridge construction. Large format: The maximum format is 3050*1525mm, reducing the number of seams, Improve the efficiency of mold support. No warping, no deformation, no cracking, good water resistance, no glue opening after boiling for 24 hours, good strength, high turnover, and long service life.

It is easy to take off the film, and the easy time is 1/7 of the steel film. Make fair-faced concrete: the surface of the cast object is smooth and beautiful, minus the secondary plastering process of the wall, it can be directly veneered for decoration.

Reduce the construction period by 30. Corrosion resistance: does not pollute the concrete surface. Good heat preservation performance is good for winter construction. Can be used as a diaphragm with a curved plane. Good construction performance, Nailing, sawing, drilling and other properties are better than bamboo plywood. Small steel plate, which can be processed into various shapes of diaphragms according to construction requirements. 

Features of film faced plywood process

1. The film faced plywood adopts high-quality eucalyptus wood chips, the whole core, sawing without holes, to ensure the toughness of the template;
2. From the core board to the panel, use melamine glue and phenolic glue, no adulteration, high glue concentration, to ensure the bonding strength;
3. Film faced plywood adheres to the production process of “layers of glue, heat preservation and pressure”. The core board is glued layer by layer and fully bonded. The bonding strength is increased by 5-10%, and the hot pressing pressure is 120% of the theoretical pressure. In order to retain the thickness and reduce the pressure, the finished product can be turned 10-15 times to ensure that the product is more durable;
4. The substrate is sanded twice (secondary molding) and then coated to ensure the film faced plywood is flat and smooth.

Brown film paper is made by dipping and drying in phenolic waterproof glue. Phenolic WBP glue is a kind of glue with excellent waterproof effect.

Brown film-covered panels have a better waterproof effect than black in construction.

Brown waterproof effect of film faced board

Malali brown film faced plywood
Building template film-covered board brown: The specific specifications of brown film-covered board are as follows:
Film paper: brown film; black film; imported phthalate brown film Core board: poplar core; mixed wood core; eucalyptus core Glue: phenolic glue (WBP); urea glue (MR) and melamine glue
Size: 1220x2440mm; 1250x2500mm Thickness: 9mm, 12mm; 15mm; 18mm; 21mm

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