Top Accountant Dan Nicholson Reveals All About Financial Certainty In his Upcoming Book, “Rigging the Game”

Globally acclaimed accountant Dan Nicholson is revealing his trade secrets in his upcoming book, “Rigging The Game: The Four Commandments of Financial Certainty”. Pre-ordered by 2,456 eager readers, the book shares the four commandments to achieving financial certainty.

Targeted at entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized business owners, the book aims to solve the always perplexing problem of uncertain cash flow. Rigging The Game also discusses minimizing risks that come with managing a business. The message of the book is based on Dan’s 20+ years of research and expertise working on financial institutions of repute. Nicholson’s entrepreneurial pursuits have also been reflected in the working of the book.

Daniel Nicholson has been recognized among the top 40 accountants under 40 (globally) four times over. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Seattle University with Accounting and E-Commerce Information Systems as his specialties. He worked his way through myriad F500 companies and prestigious financial institutions like Clark Nuber, UPS, WaMu, as well as Deloitte and Touche’s Audit and Enterprise Risk Services practices. Dan was also an exclusive fellow at the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB), where he helped author a national accounting standard.

His vast wealth of knowledge moved him to pen this book in orderto guide budding business owners towards profit maximization while reducing the risks. The book delves into creating and following a path to the things an entrepreneur truly values while systematically eliminating the risks & financial uncertainties that come with the job.

The critically acclaimed book has received rave reviews from experts like Dr Jeff Spencer, Randy Massengale, Nic Peterson & Dr Gabby Lyon. Mr Peterson’s review reads, “Dan Nicholson has created the single most powerful operating system to help business owners get what they want out of life. I use it and teach it to all of my clients.”

Nicholson also attempts the answer popular doubts and questions such as why some people always seem to win while others seem to fail. The book has pre-sold 200 copies to the Wealth Acceleration Community. Everyone can pre-order their copy by visiting:

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