Clinical Hypnotherapists Announce 6 Week Online Workshop to Help Women Feel Optimistic and Release Anxiety, Fears, Guilt and Shame

Spring Into An Expansive State Of Mind! Study shows Optimistic women have a 23% greater likelihood of healthy aging!

Clinical Hypnotherapists Patricia MacNeill and Laura McGregor ofNourish Victory, a Canadian-based Women’s Health & Wellness Company, launches a new six-week online workshop program to help women feel more optimistic this Spring.

The program will offer insights into a woman’s life in critical areas like self-awareness, self-trust, self-acceptance, self-sabotage, self-expression, and self-healing. The course builds awareness around self-protective patterns that keep an otherwise open woman cynical. 

Compassion and awareness around negative beliefs or patterns can help women create a deeper intimacy with their most authentic nature, learning cycles and rhythms. Once these are understood, participants will receive tools that amplify the positive and optimistic mind. 

Attendees will discover how to release anxiety, depression, guilt, panic, shame, and fears; that may feel exasperated during this global pandemic.

The online group course for women event will run from April 6 – May 11, 2021. Tickets are available here:

“Women encounter overwhelming experiences such as betrayal, repression and disappointment, over their lifetime. These experiences can have a psychological effect on the woman, making her feel less excited to generate new ideas and improve her life. With this training, women are going to discover what has been holding them back and learn how to cultivate a mindset that puts positive outcomes within their reach,” says Laura McGregor, Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Optimism is a psychological attribute characterized as the general expectation that good things will happen or believe that the future will be favorable because one can control essential outcomes. Studies show that optimism is an assuring health asset, as it appears to be related to healthier behaviors and reduced disease risk.

Studies show optimistic women had a 23% greater chance of healthy aging and lower mortality rates.

Optimism can free people up to consider new options and change lives for the better. It helps people look to the future and create expansively evolving realities. The six-week online program “Expanding Optimism” aims to teach women tools to strengthen the optimism muscle.

“We want women to be able to lean on their own life experiences, proving to themselves that you really can move towards hope, trust, purpose, and pleasure.” – Patricia MacNeill, RHN, C.Cht

The program’s cost is $139.99 for the entire six-week program, or you can save 25% if you book before March 30, 2021.

For more information, call Laura McGregor at 1-778-233-6556 or

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