The Tips For Prolonging Jaw Plates Span Life

How to prolonging jaw plates span life which is a big question for jaw crusher users? As jaw plates casting foundry, H&G Machinery’s engineers shares their xperience.

1. Choose the right material to cast the jaw plate.

Different working conditions and different crushed material, we need to choose the right material to cast the jaw plate. Such as soft and non-abrasive blasted rock need Mn14Cr2 jaw plates to crush; Difficult and abrasive grave stone need Mn18Cr2 jaw plates to crush; Very hard and no abrasive stone need TIC inserts jaw plates to crush; Very hard and abrasive stone need TIC inserts jaw plates with an alloy steel body.

2. Choose the right time to rotate the jaw plate.

The perfect circumstance would be when even put on occurs throughout the jaw plate location, making use of all the manganese teeth, eliminating the demand to execute the “turn”, or modification manufacturing.

Movable Jaw Plate: the same procedure is applied to the swing jaw plate because although the wear occurs in the central area, it rarely occurs in the exact middle of the jaw plate.

Fixed Jaw Plate – use until wear of about 50% occurs in the lower area and make the first turn. Make the second turn when wear from 90% to 100% occurs in this new lower area. Conclude using the remaining 50% of the life cycle of this extremity.

3. Choose the right jaw plates manufacturer.

There are thousands of jaw plates manufacturers in the world. Choose the right jaw plates manufacturer is one of the keys to getting longer jaw plates span life. Different foundries have different quality control, also have different jaw plates span life.

H&G Machinery has had OEM for many famous brands, also our foundry supplies full quality control reports to customers.

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