Astrology and Business by Astrologer Abhishek Soni

Astrology and Business by Astrologer Abhishek Soni

“Influence of Astrology in Business, Money Matters and Professional Life”
Astrology is an art of understanding birth chart Kundli and identifying patterns and combinations of planetary positions. If someone is facing problems in their life with business, money matters, or financial freedom, make sure to consult an Astrologer like Abhishek Soni who can work with them individually.

As Astrologer Abhishek Soni would describe, in business astrology, there are three houses generally essential, and they all work together. The most important house is the Tenth House – which is of career. 10th House represents career, business goals, reputation, and public image. One can identify which skills they possess by looking at their 10th House.

“10th House is not about the short-time job that pays your bills; it is about your dream work or business – the occupation through which you will move towards your dreams.”

Saturn, the house’s ruler, is a slow planet, and thus it symbolizes that it may take some time before someone realize what their dream job or business should be. 6th House in Kundli can give a hint about a job or business that is temporary and help pay the bills. 2nd House is crucial as it emphasizes the generation of resources like money and products to sell. It is recommended to consider the 2nd House as its influence is significant for starting a business.

The following points describes the influence of Astrology if the following planets are present in Kundli – 


“Your business is critical to you – it’s the place where you sparkle and what gives you a feeling of an aim. Goals and plans are essential to you, and you have the certainty of accomplishing them. You are more qualified to be the leader. Being at the center of attention quickly falls into place for you, and you are more suitable to run your business outside of the home like a cooperating space.”


“You become emotionally weak if your business is not profitable. Your emotions and feelings may affect your business performance. You are somebody who needs acknowledgment to have a sense of safety and fulfillment in your work. If the moon is in this position, you may find that your personal and professional life is often mixed up, creating problems.”


“You are often the face of your business, and your professions are often related to Mercury planet, which means – writer, speaker, technology-related, or doing anything with words. As Mercury is controlled by both Gemini and Virgo, you could have two different businesses in your life. You may need changes in your career path.”


“You need to be around other people, so don’t isolate yourself! You make a good impression, and people gravitate towards you. You may be a workaholic and in love with your profession. The placement of Venus is favorable for business people as it indicates that clients will be drawn to you.”


“You are headed to prevail throughout your life. You know precisely what you want to do and what it takes to achieve that. You have a characteristic ability to make a move, be bold and get things going in your business.”


“You have characteristic energy and positive thinking about your objectives and aspirations. Jupiter here can be a decent situation for you to have professional accomplishment in your life, practically coming effectively, which can prompt lethargy with vocation matters.”


“You take your business very seriously. You likely have a mission and a sense of purpose and may have known this from a young age. You may be around 22-26 years old when you get an idea to flourish your life with success. You are likely a leader in your profession.”


“You have your ways to conduct your business, and your strategies are unique and efficient. You can see drifts and developing business sectors. You need a lot of freedom to do what you need, investigate your thoughts, and communicate innovatively.”


“You may meander with your vocation before you sort out what you need to do and battle with clarifying objectives. You may stay away from taking responsibility.”


“You’re exceptionally eager, and you feel associated with your motivation, way of life, and endeavor to succeed. You need to manage past issues and permit yourself to communicate your force healthily and experience change.”

Astrology is an art of understanding birth chart Kundli and identifying patterns and combinations of planetary positions. If you face problems in your life with business, money matters, or financial freedom, make sure to consult an experienced astrologer like Abhishek Soni who can work with you individually.

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