Zhejiang province creates a vibrant climate for employers and job seekers

Employers and job seekers gather at the Zhejiang provincial job fair in Hangzhou on March 16.

East China’s Zhejiang province held a job fair in Hangzhou on March 16, attracting 460 companies to offer some 11,000 jobs, local media outlets reported.

A total of 12,100 job seekers attended the fair, with 3,200 of them receiving employment intents from the companies.

The growing number of companies and job seekers at the fair reflects Hangzhou’s vibrant talent market. Statistics show that 4,260 of the jobs offered required master’s degrees and higher, accounting for 38.2 percent of the total, and almost half of the jobs are in fields such as information technology, research and development, and marketing management.

Companies also offered more generous salaries to employees, with over 2,000 jobs offering an annual salary of 200,000 yuan ($30,760) and higher, and 462 jobs offering an annual salary between 300,000 and 500,000 yuan.

“Following industrial transformation in recent years, our company has been seeking R&D engineers that are adept in cutting-edge technologies such as the internet of things and big data,” said a human resources professional at Xingda Group in Hangzhou China. The company offered an annual salary of 350,000 yuan for such a talent.

An online service platform was also rolled out to help job seekers select jobs, submit resumes and apply for interviews. The platform, which can be conveniently accessed on a mobile phone, aims to build more precise connections between job seekers and employers.

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