Ellicott City Dentist for Safe, Painless Teeth Whitening by Highly Qualified and Experienced Dentists

Menton Family Dental Care is the preferred Ellicott City dentist for in-office and teeth whitening procedures. The safe and almost painless teeth whitening procedures are carried out by experienced post-graduate doctors in a top-quality facility.

According to announcements released by Menton Family Dental Care, this Ellicott City dentist uses cutting-edge technology and skill to correct stained, chipped, broken, and crooked teeth to make smiles bright, confident, and long-lasting.

In-office teeth whitening done at this dental office is the best choice for people seeking quick results. The hour-long process takes place at the office of this teeth whitening dentist and is a worthwhile option for busy people who may find it difficult to attend multiple sittings. The process involves applying a protective gel to the teeth, and a special light-activated gel is then applied to the teeth. A light or laser is then directed at the teeth to boost the gel’s action, resulting in whiter teeth. Patients are provided with custom trays for touch-ups at home and easy-to-implement instructions. This delivers whiter teeth and more confident smiles for years. 

The tray whitening option is ideal for those who wish to avail themselves of the treatment from their homes’ comfort. This option costs less than the in-office procedure. The dentists at Menton Family Dental Care take an impression of the patient’s mouth to create bespoke clear whitening trays that can be worn. The trays are meant to be worn for up to 60 minutes, ideally twice a day. This results in dazzling white smiles that can be maintained with a bit of effort. 

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Menton Family Dental Care said, “Thank you for your interest in Menton Family Dental Care, where we are truly passionate about taking care of our patients. We are located in Ellicott City, MD, but we have patients visit us from many places; Columbia, Elkridge, Catonsville, Clarksville, Howard County, and more!”

Sharing its mission statement, Menton Family Dental Care said, “Our mission is to guide our patients along a path of optimal health and wellness for life. We are non-judgmental in delivering the highest possible level of care, with empathy and understanding.

Our objective is to deliver this care with first-class, five-star service, respect our patients’ time, and accept our patients as partners in their wellness. We strive to assume a leadership role as a resource – being a window of information with concern for our patient’s overall well-being and consistently deliver more than would reasonably be expected.”

About the Company:

Menton Family Dental Care has successfully combined modern technology and old-fashioned concern for patients to become the favored dental clinic in Ellicott City for teeth whitening. It obtains a big chunk of its business from referrals by satisfied patients.

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