Nonprofit Organization Launched To Teach Students Five Languages Simultaneously

Wilder, Kentucky, USA – Mar 18, 2021 – “Multi-Languaging” is a new multilingual or plurilingual learning proposal. It advocates and enables simultaneous learning of multiple languages. As examples, it shows how to simultaneously learn five Indian languages (Telugu, Hindi, English, Urdu, and Sanskrit) and seven European languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, and Greek).

Dr. Seshi’s International Centre & Academy for Multi-Languaging Inc ― a U.S. tax-exempt 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was created to promote the teaching and learning of multiple languages simultaneously, correlatively, and enjoyably.

The Founder, Beerelli Seshi, M.D., being born and having lived in India for 30 years, and then lived and worked in USA for 40 years, has always been mesmerized by the wonder of the diversity of people and their cultures as embodied in their languages, but deeply disheartened by the lack of an equal acceptance of diversity as a treasured strength of the humankind. To accept and treasure diversity, understanding of others is paramount. Understanding of others’ languages provides one concrete window of opportunity toward that goal — hence this project.

This project arose out of the specific and complex context of the language situation in India ― as it comprises 28 states, 8 union territories, and 22 official languages. The concept can be extended to any combination of or to any country’s languages.

The content or subject material of each lesson in each Class is identical in all five languages. It will include material that is representative of all five languages. Teaching three languages with different content is the norm in India’s present-day system. Different languages are introduced into the syllabus at different Class levels. The most important, original, and crucial point being made is that using identical content in different languages is more efficient than the current method using different content in different languages. It results in a system of teaching that enables simultaneous learning of multiple languages.

To learn more about ― What, Why and How of Multi-Languaging, explore these three interconnected websites.

Global Home:

Indian Languages Home:

European Languages Home:   

These websites host an explainer video (7-min long)/ explainer slideshow in English and ten other languages (Telugu, Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, and Greek). The explainer videos are also available on the YouTube channel:

Moving forward, appropriate textbooks need to be prepared. This requires external grant funding support. It also requires collaboration and cooperation from appropriate individuals, institutions, and agencies, governmental or private alike. Dr. Seshi will be working toward seeking and assembling the needed support. A GoFundMe Charity page is set up to advance research into concurrent teaching of multiple languages.

When successful, every citizen of India speaks five languages as effortlessly as they use smartphones today. It achieves linguistic equality across India. It produces more poets, artists, scholars, and scientists originating from all communities of India. People value these professions more than before. It engenders a positive change in the tenor of social and civil discourse. European and other nations emulate India.

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