New Book by Author Edward Woody – A Story That is Truly Out of This World

Edward Woody’s Galactic Empires: Invasion: How a Dancer Became a Star and a Hero is a spellbinding novel that allows you to lose yourself in a world unlike any other. When Earth is invaded by an evil alien race who seem hellbent on destruction, can anyone stand in their way? Surely a hero has to emerge, but where from? As you’ll see when you read through it from beginning to end, they always come from the most unlikely of places. Here’s what the author said when we spoke on the telephone and shared his thoughts on how it all came together…

“My idea was to create a story with a timeless message that everyone could relate to and set it in the near future so it has an edge that all good books need. 250 years from now felt far enough in the future that we could all still relate to it, and yet far enough ahead in time that I could take some exciting new directions with the story.”

It’s fascinating to hear how a story like this takes shape and comes to life, but where do his ideas come from?

“I wanted to show that normal everyday people can be heroes, and that when the worst times come it sometimes is those people who often find themselves capable of doing the things no one else imagine. They seem to think differently than rest of us because of the unique hardships and restrictions they have encountered early in life, which is where my idea for the main character came from. He saw dancing as so much more than a hobby or a pastime — to him it was a path to salvation that allowed him to try and reclaim a normal life. It’s when things take a turn for the worst on Earth that people like him find themselves taking centerstage in ways no one could have foreseen.”

Fascinating, and how about his plans for the 12 months ahead?

“Galactic Empire: Invasion: How a Dancer Became a Star and a Hero, is the first of the series. I am currently working on the second book of the series and I plan to write approximately six book in the series. I may even write additional books in the same series but that will depend on the public’s response on my books. I would love the opportunity to talk with more people and discuss the big ideas behind my book, and also to reach out to the people who have already read it and enjoyed it. If I can make just one person who has been told they can’t do something believe that they can, then I will know that the time at my desk has been well spent. Not to mention all those other people who just love to lose themselves in a good book for the afternoon!”

Visit today and treat yourself to a copy and you’ll be one of those readers before you know it. All you have to do is let your imagination run away with you and the words will do the rest.

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