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A home is a natural extension of a person, and offers the perfect opportunity to express someone’s style and personality. Unique touches can go a long way in creating an uplifting, one-of-a-kind space. Colors, patterns, textures and scents, if mixed right, can instantly add that dash of personalization that showcases a person’s character.

While monochromatic-minimalist homes are designed to be safe and color neutral, the oft-used creams, whites, and grays may be bland to look at after a while. Instantly take any room from “meh” to “wow” with a conversation wall piece. Any style works here – from smooth ceramic plates, art pieces, statement wall hangings, or perhaps a handcrafted dreamcatcher for that dreamier vibe. Bright bold colors and sumptuous textures are what matters, and these additions can instantly bring a new dimension and hidden flair to cold bare walls.

The couch is one of the more important pieces of furniture at home and it is possible to give it a personality makeover without having to replace it entirely. Throw blankets drenched in rich colors can punctuate a seating area to recreate a luxurious vibe. A dashing and cuddle-worthy blanket not only brings fresh energy to a space, but is also perfect for keeping cozy during those early misty mornings. Refreshing a stale pillow with velvety shams is another simple hack to bring a pop of color to a neutral room, and instantly makes any couch comfier and more inviting.

Personality can also be displayed through product choices. Whimsical Rooms emphasizes and offers a range of products which support the cruelty-free movement. Instead of down pillow inserts, they offer alternative inserts that have the same marshmallow-like fluffiness, which means neither compromising on comfort, nor hurting any feathered friends in the process!

Finally, to take a room’s identity up another notch, pepper some light touches all around – these can help in evoking a fond childhood memory, or a loved one’s presence. For example, adorning shelves with familiar ornaments, infusing a room with a favorite scented candle, or putting together an amazing picture ledge – they all go a long way in telling a story and offering guests a more complete picture of the host’s identity.

Adding personality into a home has a lot to do with simply choosing items that speak to a person. Whether it’s a hobby, a special memory, or even an eccentric preference, the home should be reflection of the host’s character in some way, and it is definitely an ongoing process as the home continues to grow!

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