The Mentality Lifestyle Brand Is Out to Change People’s Lives Through Its Powerful Culture of Ambition

The Mentality Lifestyle Brand Is Out to Change People’s Lives Through Its Powerful Culture of Ambition

Whether for professional athletes, rising entrepreneurs, or any individual looking for inspiration, possessing a mindset focused on achieving an ambition plays a crucial role in life. One’s success may very well be anchored on their willingness and determination to attain such goals when they get a hold of the resources and opportunities that will help them navigate their way toward their vision in life. With a deep understanding of how ambition impacts one’s life, the rising brand Mentality remains at the forefront of promoting a culture of ambition in every endeavor they take. 

Mentality is an emerging lifestyle and apparel brand first established in 2017 by its founder Jason Hill. As a concept that began in his dorm room as a college freshman, the brand has come a long way in the industry but has remained steadfast in its original vision of motivating others through a culture of ambition. Initially, the brand was created from Jason’s passion for sports and his ambition to grow businesses. 

Mentality is home to sleek, monochromatic clothing selections, ranging from T-shirt and shorts to minimalist-designed vests and hoodies. It also houses unique jewelry pieces, such as pendants and bracelets, that feature powerful messages geared toward motivating the person wearing them. At present, the brand has also ventured into accessories such as flags, led canvas and neon wall decors, and even face masks.

But what truly separates Mentality from other brands is its mission of changing people’s lives through their brand pieces. Each of the brand’s apparel and accessory features a reminder of the ambition they ought to pursue and the fact that who they are today is a result of being “built, not born.”

The culture of ambition that the Mentality brand echoes is reflective of the company founder’s success story. Since day 1, Jason has dedicated time and effort to his brand. By 2018, Jason found himself dropping out of college twice. On top of this, he had ventured into six other businesses, all of which failed. But the visionary entrepreneur remained committed to his ambition of growing businesses and attaining entrepreneurial success.

Fast forward today, Jason’s Mentality brand is rising fast, with over 1.3 million followers on Instagram alone. Every day, the brand receives hundreds of positive messages from aspiring entrepreneurs, athletes, and more, thanking Mentality for encouraging them to do more in life. From launching as a simple apparel line in 2018 to evolving into a multi-million dollar company by 2020 with the help of co-owner Jonathan Tran, Mentality proves that a culture of ambition is one that promises success, one way or another. 

At present, the brand has successfully worked alongside middle school aspiring athletes to NFL and NBA superstars. Indeed, Mentality undeniably has a broad audience in the market and the digital space. With that said, the brand uses its social media influence to share ambitious insights and powerful messages to people from all walks of life. 

To know more about Mentality and its products, you may check them out through its official website.

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