RainbowEz Innovative Light Ring Helps Close Gap Between Influencers and Social Media Stars

With this newest tool, passionate online creators can create more engaging content for their audience.

The pandemic has opened a lot of opportunities for influencers and social media stars to film in the comforts of their homes. While they continue to produce engaging content, keeping it fresh and creative can be a challenge for most online stars. To help today’s influencers generate ingenious content, the team behind RainbowEz, an innovative light ring, brings its set of products online at http://www.rainbowez.com.

“RainbowEz is closing the gap between leading influencers and upcoming social media stars. It’s the newest and hottest tool for passionate and innovative creators today,” said the spokesperson of the company.

RainbowEz is a dynamic light ring with 16 rich, multi-colored light settings. Aside from giving off different lights for vivid beauty shots, users can have tons of fun making one-of-a-kind posts by trying on the lights to see their effects on their aura. The product can also be used as lighting for Zoom calls, YouTube videos, and other video call platforms.

RainbowEz has three natural light settings. It also has that mid-day sunlight to capture breathtaking shots as well as cool, daylight, and warm light. This way, it provides soft, glare-free, and uniform brightness.

The product also has seven multicolored light settings. Its gradient colors allow users to unleash their creativity. This limited edition feature provides infinite possibilities for crisp shots. Users can also create theatrical effects with just the click of a button.

RainbowEz has a unique flash mode that lets users go through the whole rainbow spectrum in seconds. Users can turn this mode on and keep it running for as long as they desire and enjoy its beautiful effects.

It also has a dimmability feature that users can control using the remote to adjust the brightness or dimness of their shots. Its 10 different levels work with both color and natural settings to help users attain the perfect lighting with ease.

RainbowEz’s stabilizing tripod boasts a simple design that’s easy to assemble in minutes. The tripod stand is firmly designed to stay fixed without wobbling and stabilized in all directions.

The product also comes with a bonus accessory that lets users create dynamic shots hands-free for extra support. It’s compatible with cameras and phones alike to give users more creative freedom.

The RainbowEz set comes with a dynamic light ring, adjustable phone holder, support, adjustable tripods, light ring, remote, and USB power cord.

The product has ABS fireproof technology, which keeps the brightness level stabilized and prevents it from overheating. With excellent light conductivity, the RainbowEz saves time and energy efficiently. The uniquely designed remote technology makes capturing that perfect shot easier and faster while eliminating neck and hand straining completely.

To know more and shop for a RainbowEz set, be sure to visit http://www.rainbowez.com.

About RainbowEz

RainbowEz is on a mission to deliver something that could create beautiful memories and allow individuals to personalize their inner creativity. After months of research and development, the team behind the product has been able to finally create this top-tier influencer’s tool out of the highest quality materials with specific, detailed design to make it easier and more fun for people to use.

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