Colux’s Top Tips for Keeping Kids Happy, Entertained and Comforted During Lockdown Anxiety.

Anxiety is one of the fastest growing issues in today’s world. Colux shares 3 ways to alleviate stress and create a comforting home environment for the kids and family!

Our generation is navigating uncharted waters. Fear, stress or anxiety may be compounded by taking away outlets to let off steam, hence leading to restrictions on social activities and reduced personal connections.

Parents have the added challenge of working from home amid the noise and demands of children, whom may not have yet grasped the importance of deadlines nor the ability to be quiet whilst the CEO (aka Mum or dad) are in important zoom meetings.

It can be a juggle indeed, thankfully Colux has created a brilliant solution to help keep kids happy, entertained and comforted. Here’s 3 great tips:

ROUTINE BRINGS STABILITY. Structure and daily routines offer consistency & boundaries which are proven to reduce anxiety of the unknown.

Children may have a list of tasks and activities to complete, giving them direction, creating a more co-operative environment with siblings and eliminating power struggles with parents.


Studies prove we learn and remember more efficiently when we are relaxed. Colux’s super soft and versatile Pillow Cover Bed facilitates the perfect environment for your child to learn. Whether it is reading, watching educational segments, studying, writing or just listening, this is the ideal way to reduce stress allowing healthy brain connections for relaxed awareness.

CREATE FAMILY FUN NIGHTS by transforming your living room into a comfortable environment for games, movies or simply enjoying quality time together.

This is super easy with the Colux’s 3 in 1 Pillow Cover Bed, like laying on a cloud whilst watching your favorite flicks. This world first unique Pillow Cover instantly converts into a divinely soft floor lounger just by adding 6 queen size pillows.

With three options to configure, everyone will love its versatility. Create one large square lounger to share, a long straight lounger ideal for teens or parents, or two comfy toddler size singles for a sensationally soft alternative to blow up mattresses or traditional loungers.

Melt into this super soft 300GSM Pillow Lounger, grab the popcorn and put on your favorite movie or simply enjoy each other’s company.

When all the games and movies are done and parents need some “me time”, children can head off to bedtime with a spectacular GLOWING WONDERLAND!

Children sometimes get scared or restless before bed, and often need the reassurance of a night light.

Colux’s 3 in 1 Pillow Bed Cover has been designed to softly light up a child’s room, bringing them a sense of wonder, safety and security.

By exposing this plush fabric to a bright light source, you can create the ultimate glow in the dark night-time experience. Perfect for bedtime reassurance or share the fun at sleep overs!

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