Helps Americans Through Official ESA Certification

Support Pets provides services to help people live and travel with their Emotional Support Animals.

Support Pets, an online service for people in need of Emotional Support Animal (ESA) certification, is now matching pet owners and doctors in all 50 states. Doctors licensed in the person’s state conduct an evaluation of the patient’s needs and whether those needs are served by an ESA. If the situation qualifies, the pet can be certified as an official Emotional Support Animal.

Emotional support animals provide support to people dealing with diagnosed emotional, mental or psychological disability. That can range from anxiety and depression to PTSD and more. Official ESAs provide vital assistance to people in difficult circumstances.

After the doctor makes their determination, the owner can obtain proof of their ESA’s status. That includes an Official ESA certification letter, ID tags, vests, and wallet-sized ID cards for convenience when traveling or otherwise away from home.

Federal law protects the rights of people who have Emotional Support Animals. Rules from the Federal Housing Authority, Department of Housing and Urban Development and more declare that people with ESAs are allowed to live in buildings or homes of their choice, whether they are renters or homeowners, regardless of the property’s rules about pets. They are not required to pay additional pet fees or deposits on move-in.

Many people who need an ESA are not aware of their rights. Support Pets is committed to helping people who need an ESA understand and get full benefits according to their rights under federal and state laws.

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