Music, podcasts, ebooks, photography and more – is the future of online commerce?

Music, podcasts, ebooks, photography and more - is the future of online commerce?
The pay what you want business model has now proven successful in many areas of the digital economy. It has been used to sell video games, photography, ebooks and music. It has also been studied in business schools around the world; the research has shown that not only can digital creators boost their income with the pay what you want model, but also that low income people get to enjoy the same standard of products as higher income people – a win-win.

London – March 19, 2021 – has taken this to the next level; the world’s first completely pay what you want digital marketplace, is for ebooks, music, photography, podcasts, digital art and more. It allows anybody to upload their creative works, and then the customers choose what they pay for it. The model has proven successful when studied by business schools, but there has until now not been a single place where anybody can sell their work on this basis. Here are some examples of the excellent work now available on – you can go now and choose what you pay for any of it!

The Fascinate podcast by Sam Brown features interviews with thinkers around the world on topics ranging from technology to psychology. It is one of the best up and coming podcasts. You can go to now and listen to any episodes you want – and choose what you pay to download them! See more here:

Alan Caine’s nature photography is at the highest level; to browse the photographs by Alan on is like browsing on an expensive website where you pay huge amounts for the photos, but in this case you choose what you pay. The research by business schools indicates that not only do you benefit from this by being fully empowered as a consumer, but so will the artists themselves as they increase their exposure around the world:

Coy Compositions has uploaded music which you have to check out – she has written music for podcasts and video games as well as for marketing. She was a panelist at the Salt Lake Gaming Convention and GameSound Con, and a contributor to the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit. You can hear more from Coy Compositions here:

Do you like to support the best up and coming artists in fields ranging from music to photography? Or are you a creator who has yet to have their big break? Then you need to check out now!

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