Empowers Kids’ Online Learning During the Pandemic

Parents enrolling their kids in supplemental online learning programs such as those offered by, to prevent a lapse in education.

Nearly a year after COVID-19 shuttered schools and the economy, and prompted the nation’s largest virtual learning experiment, kids across the country are experiencing an academic regression. The extent of such regression is still a guessing game, but one thing is obvious – kids are falling behind in their education.

With many schools shut down or having switched to hybrid models, kids rely on the online classes to absorb what they are being taught. But most schools have not had enough time to fully prepare for the change, resulting in inefficient teaching methods, with kids being bored and not learning much after sitting in front of their laptop for several hours.

Furthermore, it’s next to impossible giving a kid the individual attention they deserve in that busy online zoom classroom environment, where the teacher is watching 20-30 small windows on their computer and other kids have trouble interacting with their classmates.

The result is a trend of emerging online education programs, such as those of, a pioneer of virtual learning curriculum during the pandemic. offers a supplemental program to ensure no child falls behind on their education, and can quickly catch up on all lost materials from any inefficient online learning experience at their regular schools.

According to Jacob Carson, Program Coordinator at, “it’s about the children’s future. They deserve to be educated, they deserve to be challenged. At our Remote Learning School, we offer all the core classes such as ELA, math, and science as well as second language classes such as French, Spanish, and even Korean and Chinese. In addition, we also stress physical education with virtual sports classes such as soccer. The pandemic has also presented a chance for kids to take up musical instruments, and some classes are presented by experienced tutors as well as YouTube celebrities, all to make the kids excited and motivated about what they learn.”

A full list of classes can be found at

In addition, supplemental remote learning programs such as those offered by, also teach financial literacy, leadership, and entrepreneurship, providing kids with many other important skills and tools to succeed in life. These programs can be taken together along with the student’s regular school routine, and can also be used as a full homeschool curriculum. More information about the remote learning curriculum can be found here:

The programs are competency-based, allowing students to advance through curriculum and lessons at the pace of their own learning.

“Online learning is here to stay,” Jacob Carson predicts, “and so it is important to give kids the educational advantage they deserve, and not let them fall behind or even get “average” education.

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