Four Female Real Estate Investors From NC Disrupting the Industry

Roxanna Wilson, Andrel Harris, Shaneka Lene’, and Nichole Briscoe are the epitome of collaboration over competition!

North Carolina, USA – The real estate investing space is not for the faint at heart. This male dominated industry is being disrupted by four women, all from the state of NC. Despite the odds, these ladies have managed to build 6 and 7 figure real estate investing empires! Combined, these women own and operate real estate portfolios valued at nearly $3 million. Although these ladies have overcome many hurdles to become successful, they measure success by how many others they reach back and help. As such, Roxanna, Andrel, Shaneka Lene’, and Nichole are hosting a FREE real estate investing masterclass to help others learn how to invest in real estate with little to no money! And just to shake things up a bit or shall I say disrupt the industry they’re giving away a FREE investment property to one lucky attendee! One can join the webinar by simply texting the phrase 2win to 31996. Seating is limited and it’s guaranteed to max out!

Roxanna Wilson (@iamroxannawilson) is a wealth strategist, business structure strategist, tax expert, real estate investor, mentor, author, and a former model/actress. She is often referred to as the ‘Business Queen vs Tax Queen’. Her Instagram is all about growth, self-made success, and the power of women. She believes that where there is a will, there is a way. In her opinion, women should not be financially dependent on anyone. They should earn and live a happy and luxurious life. Roxanna got no favors, did not have wealthy parents, and did not get assistance. Yet, she made no excuses and continued to flourish. She has a website where she gives classes on wholesaling real estate, real estate investing for beginners, and a lot more to help women around the world. Roxanna has inspired many people to run a business and walk in their purpose.

Andrel Harris (@andrel_harris) “The CorporatePreneur” is another real estate investor powerhouse. She was able to build a six-figure real estate business while working in Corporate America. Other than being a real estate investor, she is a Certified Financial Educator, an author, and a speaker. She was also featured in Forbes because of her discipline to overcome challenges. Andrel is the founder of ‘Creating Wealth Society’. The Creating Wealth Society was established to help corporate women create wealth while working a 9-5. The Creating Wealth Society’s mission is to build and operate a business platform by design, to help career women learn how to leverage their current resources to invest in real estate actively and passively. Andrel helps others pursue their financial freedom dreams despite them working a 9-5. Her motto is “Not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur, but everyone should have options.” Whether one love or hate their job, position themselves to create wealth and leave a legacy. She also offers an array of finance courses to help others become Financially Lit. Feel free to join the Creating Wealth Society’s private Facebook community. Her Instagram is full of informational posts with tips on how to become better with finances and real estate investing. She also has a YouTube channel where she talks about finances and investments, be sure to subscribe.

Shaneka Lene’ (@sisshaneka) affectionately referred to as “Sis,” is a wife mom of 5, serial entrepreneur, international speaker, mentor and coach. While pregnant with baby #5 and homeschooling 3 of her 4 other children, “Sis” was able to make 6 figures wholesaling real estate before giving birth! Sis documented this journey, demonstrating how to juggle being a wife and mom boss while in addition to being a shark in the real estate investing space. As so many people, especially women, begin to take notice and become inspired, Shaneka Lene’ embarked upon another passion, connecting people together. Seeing the lack of women on stage at most of the real estate investing events, Sis gave birth once more to Live WIRED™ (Women in Real Estate Dominating) annual retreat/conference. Women from all over the country attend in order to learn how to start & scale their businesses while simultaneously networking and building long lasting relationships with other likeminded women.

Shaneka Lene’ has inspired and helped thousands of people embark upon their real estate investing journeys. Her transparency, and passion to help others has attributed to her having the fastest growing real estate investing group on FaceBook! At the time of this article, the group has over 31,000 highly engaged and active members! The group is called Real Estate Investing A-Z and it’s FREE to join. Simply click the link in her IG bio. (@sisshaneka)

Nichole Briscoe (@mobilehome_mami) Nichole is a wife, mom and full time high school social worker. While pursuing her entrepreneurial calling, Nichole discovered mobile home investing. In less than a year she amassed a whopping $189,000 flipping mobile homes part time while still working her full time job! Nichole has also acquired many mobile homes, which she fixed and flipped in order to help people in her community that have low incomes, become homeowners by providing them with clean, safe and affordable housing. The passive cash flow from this portfolio of mobile homes has also surpassed her monthly earning from her full time job. Nichole has such a contagious personality, that thousands have gravitated toward her and this grossly overlooked real estate niche. Due to the high demand, Nichole has opened up limited space to help teach and train others how to get started investing in mobile homes. She has a no nonsense hands on approach to mentoring. As a result, her students have a 90% success rate, which is insane, considering the standard, 90% of people that buy a course don’t even start. See all the receipts by checking her IG feed (@mobilehome_mami).

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