Tara Stallings, a Master Life Coach who educates, empowers and inspires women to win in life, teaching the True understanding and actualization of a “Strong Women”

Being a black woman, Tara Stallings helps women to achieve their maximum potential. She is a Master Certified Life Coach and Counselor who offers special coaching, master classes, leadership training, empowerment courses and a Unique Vision Course. Tara inspires women to be successful and to pursue their purpose and passions.

Augusta, Georgia, USA – People of color face a lot of hardships in their lives, especially, women of color. A black woman, who is financially stable and well-educated, is an image of success for most women. Tara Stallings helps women of all nationalities achieve their maximal potential. Her motto for helping women is “Rediscover, Revive, Relaunch Your Life.” She believes that women possess a God-given purpose and she helps women realize their purpose to overcome the hardships, emotional disparities and obstacles in their lives. With a BA in Psychology and an MA in Professional Counseling, her goals are to identify, dismantle, dislodge and destroy the cultural, social beliefs and mindsets places on women.

She is a Master Certified Life Coach who has been helping women for over 11 years, Tara helps women become successful in every area of life, by training and educating them. She is actively available on social media platforms and loves to talk with women in need of help, she can be contacted on her Instagram and Facebook.

Tara has faced and conquered many failures, hardships and struggles in life and she is determined to help women overcome their past negative narratives of the past that plague them today. Tara understands the many emotional, psychological and physical challenges and changes that many women face, and has become one of the leading experts for women who are seeking clarity, purpose, prosperity, success and “True Happiness” in their life. She initially lived a life of luxury and happiness, having cars, homes, marriage and kids. She lived a life that other women would call an ideal life, being financially stable, highly educated and married with children.

But this apparent facade was failing as she experienced what she calls a “single but married relationship”, a terrible divorce, which resulted in a deterioration of her emotional, physical and spiritual health. On the outside she was all dressed up in Gucci, Chanel and a lot of bling but on the inside she was silently dealing with the emotional baggage of guilt, shame, feelings of rejection and feeling unfulfilled. Consequently, to make things worse, she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer that shattered all hope that was left. This seemingly tragic incident caused her to do soul searching and to find the true meaning of life.

Finding the true meaning of life doesn’t come easy, it took Tara about 10 years to identify the broken and bruised pieces of her life and then she started working to put them back together. In her time of distress she developed a real relationship with God. This relationship with God kept her in a pursuit to live a purposeful life to the fullest. Through constant efforts and never-ending struggles, she was finally able to help herself, and so with that, she extended her hand to help other women as well.

Throughout her life, Tara has had various platforms through which she devoted herself to helping other women. She owns a hair salon (28 yrs), where she worked as a licensed master Cosmetologist. This is where Tara‘s journey to help women began, where she mentored, ministered, counseled and coached women, behind the salon chair (where most women receive their first therapy session). In 2009, she began Life Coaching offering free Self Esteem Workshops for women and working as a Life Coach, coaching couples through New Life Coaching Agency. Tara experienced a toxic marriage and devastating divorce, which led her on a path of evermore self-discovery, healing, wisdom and education, which gave her the desire capability to help others achieve personal success and relational success. Then in 2013 she established Destiny Life Coaching where she coached, mentored and educated women. She later renamed her company to the now Destiny Life Management Group LLC in 2017. Through this latest venture her brand Tara T Stallings Inc. came into being.

Through her brand Tara T Stallings Inc., as a Master Certified Life Coach incorporates the principles of faith to help women overcome the disparities of life providing strategies and personal blueprints that turn their past pain into pathways of success. Tara is also a Counselor, Board Certified Mental Health Coach and Certified Girls Circle Facilitator. Girls Circle is an evidence-based program, which helps girls of age 13-18, who are at risk and high risk girls, victims of emotional, sexual, physical abuse and other cultural and societal negative ideologies. Tara, through her education empowerment and inspiration is determined to help women live the life that they are proposed to life.

Currently, Tara facilitates various training programs for both youth and adults. With these training programs, people can find pathways towards success and achieve the ultimate goals that they desire their lives. Tara is also an author having written multiple books titled “Ladies Lets Talk Life, Lies, Live and Relationships” and “Let’s Talk Breaking Unwanted Cycles A Guide to living a more fulfilled life”. Both of these books are a work of genius and a guide to help women achieve emotional wholeness and personal success. Through her “Traumatic and Triumphant experience, she has gained immense wisdom that has helped her and her passion of counseling and Coaching other women. Tara says “After years of soul searching, emotional and spiritual healing, character building, trial and errors, I found the secret to obtaining “True“ Strength and Success. I learned the secret that helped me find healing, balance and wholeness, which synergized my life and repositioned my path so that I am Living my Best Life.

Tara’s life passion and purpose is to help women discover their purpose and strengths that will produce “True Successful “in all areas of life. She helps women navigate through life’s pathways overcoming the emotional and psychological obstacles that will prevent them from reaching their full potential purpose. She helps women place the puzzle pieces of their life in the correct places, creating the pictured life that they desire. Tara has helped thousands of women in her life by sharing her personal story as teaching them the principles to obtain true success, she is not stopping anytime soon. Tara helps women find their true identity, purpose, maximize their potential and heal emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

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