Boss baby launches portable mist sprayer amidst global pandemic

Ozzi Mist is a multipurpose portable mist spray with a variety of uses such as sanitization, disinfection, etc. The company also offers high-quality disinfectant liquids, hand sanitizers, and masks.

Oxford, NC, United States – Os’sian Freeman, baby entrepreneur and founder of Ozzi Mist launched his portable mist sprayer line in the middle of the worst pandemic outbreak in the world.

At 10 months of age, Os’sian Freeman became the muse behind Ozzi Mist for his parents. Ozzi Mist is a portable mist sprayer that is an all-in-one device that can be used for different purposes such as sanitizing, disinfecting, air freshening, etc. The Ozzi Mist can also be used for facials and as a humidifier.

Customers can keep their personal belongings clean with the Ozzi Mist Spray. This new generation of Ozzi Mist Spray helps in spreading minute particles to disinfect all surfaces with a soft mist. The unique selling point about this mist spray is that it can be used on electronics or those areas that a normal hand sanitizer sprayer wouldn’t reach. It is a great on-the-go tool that allows for easy disinfection of mutual things such as lift buttons, escalator railings, car doors, as well as any surfaces at home that might pose a threat, especially to children.  

With its small size, it is designed to be taken everywhere; one can easily carry it in their purse, bag, or even pocket! Customers can fill the 30ml tank with water-based disinfectant solutions offered by Ozzi Mist or any other solutions available in any drug-store. The Ozzi Mist Spray solutions are absolutely safe to use on phones, school stationery, toys, computer keyboards, door handles, etc. The hand sanitizer solutions are available in a wide variety of scents such as Gummy Bear, Birthday Cake, Cherry Blossom, Bubble Gum, etc. Customers can purchase refill solutions in both scented and unscented options.

Ozzi Mist also offers carefully curated bundles for their customers to enjoy. They contain the Ozzi Mist Spray, non-gel hand sanitizer solution, and a mask according to the theme of the bundle. Since Ozzi Mist Sprayers caters mostly to parents, their products are designed in a way that would attract children and get them in the habit of cleaning their surfaces before using them. The Ozzi Mist comes in a variety of styles and looks. Mist sprayer themes include Mickey Mouse, Bunny Ears, Devil Horns, Doe Deer, and many more exciting designs to choose from.

Additionally, this revolutionary product is effective against pollutant particles, and residue pesticides. The Ozzi Mist Spray can freshen up the air by removing the above pollutants, and reduce stuffiness in the atmosphere promoting improved breathing and better sleep. Undoubtedly, with the effects and rapid spread of covid-19 across the globe, The Ozzi Mist is one of the most essential gadgets to own for survival in the ‘new normal’.   

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