Accomplished Stress Relief Coach, Releases New Book ‘29 Degrees’ That Helps Others Embrace Adversity and Achieve Inner Peace

Eric Lee, an accomplished Stress Relief Coach and prolific author, recently released his third book, 29 Degrees: How To Live A Life of Inner Peace, Joy and Purpose Regardless of Circumstances. He was inspired to write after discovering that a friend, in spite of meeting the traditional metrics of success, was unhappy with his life. After reflecting on the situation, Lee realized that his calling is to help others achieve peace through intent, mindfulness, and openness.

In 29 Degrees, Lee unpacks the harmful effects of believing that happiness is only possible under specific circumstances by comparing personal fulfillment to the weather. He uses his powerful 29 Degrees metaphor to illustrate the weather, just as in many of our life’s circumstances we don’t have any control what happens. And just like the weather the “severe” conditions that exist can lead us to our greatest periods of growth and our most significant blessings. It begins with our mindset and approach. It’s not always going to be warm and sunny. Instead of waiting around for a clear day, Lee urges readers to search for other sources of joy, such as curling up by the fire on a cold day or going sledding in spite of snow. In his book he draws on his own life experiences to provide real life examples and exercises of how this can apply to the life of his readers, including the time when Lee turned his stress over a past due tax bill into a real estate deal that net $80,000 profit over 10 months.

Each chapter in 29 Degrees addresses a different core aspect of daily life with interactive exercises to help readers internalize key lessons. From relationships to body image, Lee reframes setbacks as opportunities to grow, learn, and evolve into more adaptable people. With accessible language and relatable examples, this guide to self-improvement tackles common obstacles with sensitivity, sensibility, and respect.

Individuals of any age and background can benefit from learning how to adjust their attitudes to create a positive chain reaction in their emotions and perspectives. Lee draws upon his personal experiences and expertise as a Stress Relief Coach to guide readers through a transformative journey. Unlike other programs, 29 Degrees is devoid of limitations and wholly accessible to anyone willing to evaluate their lives with honesty.

Fans of Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and Eckhart Tolle will appreciate Lee’s intimate style, humor, and approachable presentation. Reviewers praise 29 Degrees as an insightful read that allowed them to evaluate their unique circumstances and streamline their paths to peace. In these times of global upset and uncertainty, Lee’s work is an especially timely addition to the field of personal growth.

Eric Lee is an author and Stress Relief Coach with a passion for uplifting others. After struggling with addiction, bankruptcy, and divorce, Lee embraced a new lifestyle of compassionate partnership with his wife, Trudi, and their three children. He currently lives and writes in Colorado. 29 Degrees: How To Live A Life of Inner Peace, Joy and Purpose Regardless of Circumstances is available for purchase on Lee’s website and

Those who are interested in working with Lee will have the opportunity to do so individually, or in his live online “29 Degrees Life Mastery Class”. Details of the class are available at the Inner Peace Today website. Participants can expect to feel enlightened and empowered as they work through different aspects of their lives in a supportive group setting.

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