DelanoPR Creates Annual PR Monitor To Help Businesses Gain Visibility Hoofddorp

DelanoPR Creates Annual PR Monitor To Help Businesses Gain Visibility Hoofddorp

NE- DelanoPR, owned and run by Jennifer Delano is giving out free publicity to companies who intend to reach a broader audience. After carrying out annual research around public relation (PR) and what companies are doing to get clients in 2021, Jennifer has set up a PR Monitor. This monitor will enable companies to fill out a survey form powered by Zeffi and get a free insight into PR opportunities. Effective PR has been known to increase the reach of a company’s message, make marketing more effective and remains findable (online) for a long period of time.Janne Vainikainen of Zeffi, a survey generating platform says it was ‘very exciting to work with DelanoPR on this.’

With over 10 years of experience in public relations and marketing, Jennifer Delano has helped more than 250 companies get their message across with effective PR. Her talent lies in ‘identifying ‘news hooks’ in clients’ brands and translating them into content that is appealing to online and offline media platforms such as newspapers, news portals, magazines, TV and radio.’’ In her words, ‘the clients I help are recognized more quickly, acknowledged, and regarded as trustworthy by their audience.’ According to Tineke Rensen, ‘Jennifer Delano walks and talks PR, she will go the extra mile for her client to make sure they will be published as an authority in the media.’ Sam Lawley refers to her as, ‘passionate, insightful, intelligent and able to keep up with the fast-paced demand of the modern-day world.’

By creating the annual PR Monitor, Jennifer is looking to help more businesses gain traffic. Her aim is to make PR and what it can do for companies more known than it is. The monitor which can be filled in Dutch as well as in English contains 12 short questions which can be answered in 2 minutes. The answers to the questions will help her provide insights to companies who filled the monitor. These insights will then help said companies to get to work immediately on what they should be doing to get clients in 2021. The monitor is available to 1000 companies and entrepreneurs.

With her affinity with companies that value sustainability as well as corporate social responsibility, Jennifer is held in high esteem and she guarantees reach. She is able to increase brand recognition, boost visibility and SEO strategy. She is also a guest blogger for marcom websites such as Adformatie, Frankwatching and Emerce. She has worked with reputable brands including Quinyx, Toptaarten, The Next Women, GiantLeaps, GROWx, Pegamento, WeLoveCommunities, In2improvement, DGOC and more. Equipped with several years of solid experience, Jennifer offers online and offline PR training for professionals as well as master classes and in-company training and workshops. In the future, Jennifer Delano plans to use the conclusions gathered from her monitors to create a lot of helpful contents for businesses.

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