Brother Malcolm Kelly’s New Book the New African-American Man Offers A Positive Solution to Dealing with Racism

Brother Malcolm Kelly’s New Book the New African-American Man Offers A Positive Solution to Dealing with Racism

“”I am greater than the I that I created” – Brother Malcolm Kelly”

Brother Malcolm Kelly has just released his new Book The New African-American Man, an innovative perspective on consciousness with an aim to empower African Americans to adopt a new system of thought to deal with racism. Through his book, Brother Malcolm Kelly sends a clear-cut message to the black community that empowerment comes from a change of mindset where victim-free thinking can envision power and clarity initiating a consciousness that creates a new way to think and live.

The New African-American Man could not have come at a better time when there is a desperate need to resolve the long-standing racial problems between blacks and whites. Brother Malcolm Kelly advocates how empowerment can help achieve this by a new mindset that will help African Americans overcome the current tendency to restrict themselves to typical responses to events based on their racial identities. The book deals with anti-racist elements and is an eye-opener for African-Americans and those who are interested in overcoming racism with 21st-century insights and positive thinking.

Brother Malcolm Kelly explains in The New African-American Man how African Americans can empower themselves to get rid of the toxic thought process focused on African-American victimhood. To describe Brother Malcolm Kelly’s definition of empowerment in his own words:

“Set your thoughts on the Vision and think of nothing else. Relax your consciousness to accept that you were born colorless, faceless, and formless. Accept that you are the greater power and when your vision is manifested into the world, it will be the new you the world sees.”

Brother Malcolm Kelly is a motivational author and philosopher famous for his daily radio show The Powers of Mind Hour. He also writes a weekly blog on Enlightenism Insights and has authored four books on empowerment and enlightenism. He has B.A. (magna cum laude) and M.A. degrees in Philosophy and was a student of renowned Philosophy professors, John Goheen and William Warren Bartley III. Brother Malcolm’s philosophy is a practical living and breathing one that provides a new basis of living with power. His philosophy on self-responsibility is the answer to societal ills and is particularly aimed at the African American community whom he hopes will benefit and be inspired from his work.

The New African-American Man is now available on Amazon.

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