“Fostering Energy” by Kyle T. Pleasant Reveals How to Recognize, Tap into and Leverage One’s Personal Energy

How great it would be if every interaction people had, whether at the coffee shop, salon, in a library, or at work, turned out to impact a little boost of energy for all the parties.

Everyone, and everything else in the universe, is a bundle of energy, positive or negative, and it is up to people to make the best of it. Kyle T Pleasant, LMT, explains what energy is, how it is carried, and how to tap into it in his newly released work, “Fostering Energy: Cherish your energy for a Pleasant Spirit”.

“Fostering Energy” begins with an eye-opening message: We are responsible for the energy we bring with us. Energy gets dragged around everywhere and impacts the surroundings. Knowing this is the first step towards learning to make the best use of it. The book goes on to share how energy surrounds everything in the world, from pizzas to puppies. 

When we think of the word foster’, we picture the care of a child or animal. When our Spirit comes into human form, the Universe gives us charge over our Energy. It is a great responsibility. We must care for and cherish it in much the same way the care of that child,” says Kyle Pleasant. 

The work builds upon this fact to examine how each interaction also involves a transaction of energy. The outcome of this interaction can be good or bad. Negative energy is carried by negativity in self-worth, emotions, and thoughts, and this rubs off on everything else that it touches. 

In the first part, “Fostering Energy” presents readers with the task of reflecting on their self-worth and the fact that the reader has value. In the second step, the book shares the fact that it takes time to recognize the energy one possesses and to recognize its power. In the final step, readers learn to apply their knowledge of the energy they carry. 

The process of fostering energy begins with taking care of one’s health in all its dimensions, from the physical to spiritual and emotional. This breeds positive energy, which in turn impacts the surroundings, leaving their imprint. The subject then begins to feel their significance and self-worth improve.  

Kyle Pleasant advises everyone to move away from watching motivational videos, and instead learn from one’s mistakes, chart one’s journey, never give up, and become an inspiration to others. 

Fostering Energy can be purchased on Amazon.com or FosteringEnergy.com 

About the author 

Calling Portland, Oregon his home, Kyle T. Pleasant is a family man, massage therapist, and even the author of this book. Spending 10 years in the information technology industry, Kyle made the transition to massage therapy 8 years ago and hasn’t looked back. 

For more information, please visit: http://www.fosteringenergy.com  and http://www.pleasantspirit.com 

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